Is there romance in zombie exodus?

There are four main romances, and the opportunity to temporarily date two people at once.

Is Zombie Exodus safe haven Part 3?

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 Public Beta – updated 5/1/2021.

Can you save Hadley zombie exodus?

Just when you think everything will be fine, you find out that she was bit a by a zombie. Your choices are to leave her in the woods by herself, kill her when she’s unsuspecting, or to stay with her until she dies. And unlike other characters, you can ‘t prevent her death.

How many parts does zombie exodus have?

Zombie Exodus contains multiple endings achievable based on the player’s past interactions and decisions with other characters throughout the story-line. There are five endings for staying at the Cathedral and four endings for fleeing/leaving the Cathedral for a total of nine endings overall.

How do I recruit Tommy zombie exodus?

Tommy: I think you might need to go out to the crowd outside the Makarov’s house at the end of Day 1, just to let him know you exist, but the important scene is Day 2, between 12 and 2. Help him (and be nice to him), and he should turn up again at the end of Part 1, and may agree to join you, if asked.

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How long is Exodus safe haven?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main + Extras 2 13h 30m
All PlayStyles 2 13h 30m

How do you save Jason Zombie Exodus?

Leading up to the fight, if your intelligence is 20 or higher, you will be given an option to Move closer in case you need to intervene. Choose that option and Restrain Carl before he inflicts more damage to save Jason from death.

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