Where is Zombie Nation filmed?

Z Nation was filmed in the Spokane, Washington area.

Where is Citizen Z in Season 2?

Citizen Z is inside Camp Northern Light as he watches what he believes is a capsule falling from the International Space station.

What happened in Z Nation Season 2?

Things quickly descend into a gunfight, and while all of the bounty hunters are killed, 10K is shot in the stomach. Auntie contacts the CDC, which turns out to be based on a submarine. Meanwhile, there’s a big shootout at Auntie’s restaurant, during which Auntie turns Z and Doc gives her mercy.

What city is black summer set?

Many of the filming locations are in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Black Summer (TV series)

Black Summer
Created by Karl Schaefer John Hyams
Based on Z Nation by Karl Schaefer Craig Engler
Starring Jaime King Justin Chu Cary Christine Lee Sal Velez Jr. Kelsey Flower Erika Hau Zoe Marlett Bobby Naderi
Composer Alec Puro


What happened to Citizen Z dog?

Citizen Z saved the dog and has lived with him since. Pup’s fate in the later seasons is unknown, though it is likely he died between seasons, as he has not been seen with Citizen Z, Kaya, JZ, and Kaya’s Nana since they traveled to the United States in Season 5.

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How did Addy lose her eye?

Addy loses her eye in a drinking accident.

Who hacked Citizen Z?

Kurian has kept himself hidden during the three years since the apocalypse. Kurian hacked Citizen Z to find out where Murphy was heading, and thus was able to misdirect and intercept the Westward-bound survivor group at his lab in Fort Collins. At the lab he threatens Murphy and shoots Doc.

Did Roberta Warren die?

Roberta Warren, sometimes referred to as Chief, is the protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in “Z Nation”. Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Roberta Warren
Last Appearance “The End of Everything”
Status Undead
Series lifespan “Puppies and Kittens” to “The End of Everything”


Did 10K die on the submarine?

10K dies, but comes back to life. Warren chokes him with a bandanna, he dies, Murphy bites him, and Sun Mei injects him.

Did Z Nation get Cancelled?

Z Nation ‘s final days have come. Syfy has canceled the zombie drama after five seasons. 28 season-ender will now serve as its series finale.

Is Red still alive in Z Nation?

Red is a main character and a survivor of the initial zombie apocalypse in ” Z Nation,” first encountered in Season 3 Episode 1 “No Mercy.”

First Appearance “No Mercy”
Status Alive
Series lifespan “No Mercy” to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian

Who is Sun in black summer?

Ooh “ Sun ” Kyung- Sun is a main character and survivor of the initial zombie apocalypse in Netflix’s original series Black Summer, first encountered in “Human Flow”. She is a member of Rose’s group.

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Why did Carmen stab the guy in black summer?

To cause a distraction, Carmen stabs a guard on a dance floor (yes, a dance floor), re-animating him. Now a re-animated Manny chases Sun through the abrupt system before Spears rescues her.

Is Black Summer Cancelled?

Black Summer is a Netflix Original zombie-thriller series created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. Although it has some spiritual connections to Z-Nation it’s actually set on a very different timeline from the Syfy series which remains canceled to this day.

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