How do you use Killer Joe?

Killer Joe is a block added by the EnderIO mod. It is used to kill mobs in a 5x4x4 area in front of it. Unlike other machines, Killer Joe doesn’t require RF energy, but needs Nutrient Distillation to function, as well as a sword. He uses 5mb of Nutrient Distillation per sword swing.

Killer Joe
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How do you power a Killer Joe Ender io?

Killer Joe is a block added by the EnderIO mod. It is used as an Auto-Killing machine, you will need to fuel it with slime or power. You will need to add some liquid that is green-ish to the inside of the Killer and wield it with whatever item you want it to use to hit and kill mobs.

Does Killer Joe give XP?

On the wiki website for Ender IO it says that “Items killed by the mobs are left on the ground, but XP orbs will sucked up by Killer Joe. Experience is stored in the Killer Joe and can be retrieved by the player through the GUI.”.

How do you use XP vacuum Ender io?

Create an experience obelisk then dump all your xp into that. Then either use a bucket or fluid conduits to put it in the vacuum. Make an experience rod from EnderIO and shift right click the xp vacuum while you have some exp and the rod out. Or click some into a tank before you use the rod to craft the XP Vacuum

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How do you use obelisk attractor?

The Attractor Obelisk is a machine from the EnderIO mod. It attracts mobs towards it. In order to work it must be powered with RF or MJ and filled with Soul Vials with souls of prefered mobs.

How do I use obelisk experience?

The Experience Obelisk is a block added by Ender IO. It is used to store large amount of Experience. The GUI can be accessed by right-clicking on it. Inside the GUI, the amount of XP stored is visible in levels, and the player can store or retrieve 1, 10, or all levels of XP.

How do I get dew of the void?

The Grains of the End is an item added by Ender IO. It is used to create the Dew of the Void in The Vat. It is made by pulverizing an Ender Crystal in the SAG Mill.

How do you use beast nutrient?

When plants reach desired height add at 1-2ml/L with every feed for 7 days. For a hardening effect add at 1-2ml/L for the last 7 days before flushing. Recirculating: When plants reach the required height add at 1-2ml/L for 7 days.

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