How do you get tools in zombie Castaway?

Turn Golden Water well to Instruments and Build a New One First of all, if you tap the golden well, it will give you the last portion of tools.

How do you get quartz in zombie Castaway?

The easiest way to get Quartz is to mine it. You can find Quarz deposits on all the islands, somewhere more, somewhere less. As you progress through the game, you’ll need more Quartz, and you’ll find more Quartz on the islands that appear later in the game.

How do you get coins in Zombie Castaway?

Completing the quests is the obvious way to earn coins; another way to do so is to go to your storage and sell items you don’t need and/or can afford to part with. Cooked and crafted items will be worth the most. Zombucks are the premium currency of the game, and should be used wisely as they are expensive to purchase.

How do you get water in zombie Castaway?

Water is a material that you can get through quests, fortune chests, cooking it from ice and fire, and gathered from multiple types of plants including: Vines, Lilaccs, dandelions, swamp grass.

Is there an end to zombie castaways?

We’ve released the final chapter of the ‘Tremendous Change’ quest line. It’s our last update in many senses. The story of our greenish friend ends, and we won’t be making any major content updates to Zombie Island.

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How do you sell a zombie worker?

To sell an object, tap the icon with blue arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen, select Sell (the icon with coins) and tap the object you want to sell.

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