What does the white ring do in Shining Force?

You can help Shining Force Wiki by expanding it. The White Ring is an item found in several Shining Games. It typically gives a DEF bonus and is usually worn b Hero or Vicar classed characters. When used as an Item it casts Aura which can be quite useful in a pinch.

Where is the sword of darkness in shining force?

Name Range Location
Katana 1 Musashi joins with it
Sword of Light 1 Demon castle
Sword of Darkness 1 Prompt Castle
Chaos Breaker 1 Metapha

Does Shining Force have Permadeath?

Unlike Fire Emblem, Shining Force does not involve permadeath.

How do you get guntz in Shining Force?

Guntz will only join you after the Pao Prairie battle if you talk to him in Rindo. Guntz is a grey armadillo with brown eyes in a suit of armor powered by steam (it will stop working if it does not get water regularly).

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Who can use white ring Shining Force?

The people who can ‘t use it are the same as the Evil Ring. The White Ring is far simpler, giving 6 defense and allowing access to Aura 2. Like any other ring, it too can break but this one isn’t cursed. It is also quite limited, as only Max (the Hero) and the Vicars can equip it.

What does the black ring do Shining Force?

The Black Ring was an item that boosts ATK but curses its wearer. It can also cast Blaze 3 if used as an Item, which can be good for leveling up weaker characters. It is found in the Demon Castle in Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention.

Who can use the steel sword in Shining Force?

Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention Weapons

Weapon Special Use Player
Short Sword None Hero / Swordsman Birdman / Sky Warrior Warrior / Gladiator
Middle Sword None Hero / Swordsman Birdman / Sky Warrior
Long Sword None Hero / Swordsman Birdman / Sky Warrior
Steel Sword None Hero Ninja Samurai Sky Warrior


When should you promote in Shining Force?

Promoting to a more advanced class is necessary because after level 20(or in the cases of Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing, after level 40) the character’s stats will no longer increase. Moreover, characters of unpromoted classes cannot equip the most powerful weapons in the games.

What does shower of cure do in Shining Force?

Torasus Aura4 = shower of cure. Heals about 40 hps to everyone.

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Can Domingo be promoted Shining Force?

As he is newly hatched he starts at L1 which is a bit low for this point in the game but he cannot be promoted when he reaches L10 indicating that he already has been – even though he only starts out with Freeze L1. His defense improves later on and his spells are devastating – especially Freeze L3.

What does angel wing do in Shining Force?

The Angel Wing is a 1 use item in many Shining games. Its typical purpose is to cause a retreat from battle back to a camp. Any experience gained through the battle is not lost and retrying the battle typically restores all fallen enemy units, allowing them to be beaten again for more experience.

How do you get earnest in Shining Force?

Earnest will join the Shining Force after you find him in the jail of Balbazak’s fortress in Uranbatol. Earnest is tan-skinned with blue eyes and white hair, a grey body and dark grey tail.

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