What happens if you kill Anayama?

Combat: Players may kill Anayama the Peddler only in Hirata Estate (doing so will make him disappear from Ashina Outskirts, making it impossible to obtain the Phantom Kunai from him. You can buy it later from the donation box next to Hanbei the Undying).

How do you kill a centipede priest?

Getting the Mortal Blade Now, whenever you find a centipede monk in Sekiro, kill it normally. Once its health depletes, you’ll see a red orb on the centipede itself, and you can attack it to perform a Deathblow that kills it permanently. You don’t have to use the Mortal Draw for it.

Can you save MIBU village?

Combat: Players may kill Head Priest of Mibu Village after he is transformed into a Palace Noble (Blue Garb); Cannot be killed prior. He will not respawn, but his corpse will be there permanently. Rewards: Upon giving him the Water of the Palace, he will give you 1x Dragonspring Sake.

Can you fix MIBU village?

You can fight and kill them all several times to clear the area, and then loot 1x Black Gunpowder, 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul and 1x Gourd Seed.

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Why can’t I hear the melody Sekiro?

If the player never advances Jinzaemon’s quest-line (for example: if he had dragonrot each time you speak to him) and the player kills the Mist Noble, you will find Jinzaemon at the now sealed well seemingly cured of dragonrot and upset that he can’t hear the music. This will trigger a fight.

Should I kill the looter Sekiro?

KIlling the Looter in Hirata Estate will Remove a Vendor The Looter you find when traveling back to the past in Hirata Estate is the vendor in Ashina Outskirts. If you kill him in the past, he will cease to exist along with his store.

How do you kill immortal monks?

The only way to kill an Immortal Monk is through the use of the Mortal Blade.

What happens if you give the old lady Rice Sekiro?

If you give her plain Rice in Senpou Temple, she will tell you to use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu on the Senpou Sect Assassin/”Rat” enemy near the start of the area in order to make him fly the kite near the start of the level. This will allow you to use the kite as a grappling point in order to cross the valley.

Are centipedes immortal?

However, its second phase quickly reveals an ugly truth: it’s an immortal being that’s being kept alive by a centipede residing within its body. The centipedes in Sekiro are seen as parasites and as a possible result of the corruption of the water.

How do you get the Shura ending?

Shura ending

  1. Defeat the Guardian Ape, then retrieve the Lotus of the Palace.
  2. Defeat the Corrupted Monk in Mibu Village.
  3. Defeat the Folding Screen Monkeys in the Hall of Illusion.
  4. Return to Ashina Castle.
  5. There, you’ll see a cutscene between Owl and Lord Kuro.
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How do I get into the MIBU village house?

User Info: Alpr1010. Go under the house, theres a secret floor board to flip over. Go outside on rock, turn around – jump up for attic access.

How do you farm divine confetti?

Right before getting to the Underbridge Valley Sculptor’s Idol, you’ll be in a large area surrounded by enemies. Look for the big opened door and keep heading straight. You’ll see a few statues gathered together around a glowing item. Pick it up and you’ll obtain a Divine Confetti.

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