What happened to Aisha in Saints Row 2?

Saints Row 2 She rarely ever leaves her house anymore, as she is still faking her death to the public. She lives with Gat, who prides himself on being her protector.

How do you get zombie GAT?

Johnny Gat is Unlocked as a Zombie by completing the game. Unlike other Zombie Homies, Gat is not unlocked after calling Eye for an Eye. Like the previous Zombie Homies, he arrives in a Reaper when called up. All enemies/pedestrians die instantly from a Zombie Gat punch.

How did Johnny Gat die?

After the Saints kill Phillipe and retrieve Gat’s body, Playa and Shaundi go back to Stilwater to bury Gat, only to have the funeral motorcade ambushed by Killbane and his men while crossing the “Hughes Memorial Bridge”. Johnny’s dead because he thought he could do everything on his own.

What happens if you kill Killbane and let Shaundi die?

Either you save Shaundi and Viola, let Killbane escape, and play a space-themed bonus mission. Or you let Shaundi and Viola die to kill Killbane and play a space-themed bonus mission. Doesn’t matter either way. You get to play through both endings.

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Who killed Carlos Saints Row 2?

A member of the Third Street Saints was found dead today, the victim of a grisly gangland assassination. In a bloody recreation of the fate of Hector, Carlos Mendoza’s body was dragged face down across Stilwater, until mercifully being shot in the head.

Is there a zombie cheat in Saints Row 4?

Saints Row IV does not have any Zombie Homies.

How did Lin die in Saints Row?

She continues to deceive the Rollerz by working with Playa, and these ill-fated attempts ultimately lead to her death when Price’s uncle and financier, William Sharp, concludes that she has been betraying the Rollerz and has her killed. Lin is the first of four allies to die in the Saints Row series.

Can you beat zombie uprising?

It is possible to exit Zombie Uprising using a Mission Exit Glitch by repeatedly Pausing while quitting the activity. Getting Smoked after glitching out of Zombie Uprising does not trigger a Smoked screen, and the game must be saved and reloaded to continue.

Why did they kill Johnny Gat?

Apparently the writers killed him off because everyone thought Gat was invincible, so they played into the unpredictability of the series and did just that.

Is Shaundi dead in Saints Row 4?

Endings. If Killbane is killed at the airport, Shaundi, Viola, and Burt Reynolds are killed in the explosion. The Save Shaundi ending was stated by the head writer to be the canonical ending to the game. The events of Saints Row IV continue from this ending.

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How do you get Johnny tag?

Johnny Tag is unlocked as a Homie after completing “Send in the Clones”. The existence of Johnny Tag was first discovered through leaked achievement/trophies for the The Trouble With Clones DLC, which includes “The Johnnyguard”, with the description mentioning the name ” Johnny Tag “.

Is Johnny Gat a villain?

Type of Villain Johnny Gat is the deuteragonist of the Saints Row videogame series. He is the best friend (and later right-hand man) of the Boss of the 3rd Street Saints. In the Saints Row IV standalone expansion pack Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Johnny is a playable protagonist alongside Kinzie.

Will there be a Saints Row 5?

” Saints Row 5 ” was officially confirmed to be in development back in August 2019, according to Forbes. Specifically, it was confirmed to be “deep in development,” per an investor report that was released at the time. Simply put, there is no concrete release date for the next ” Saints Row ” title.

Is Johnny Gat in agents of mayhem?

Ji-hoon “ Johnny ” Gat, A.K.A. Gat, is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and a DLC agent unlocked with Johnny Gat Agent Pack. To unlock Gat, player needs to complete Operation: Good Cop, Bot Cop.

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