Who killed Carlos in Saints Row 2?

A member of the Third Street Saints was found dead today, the victim of a grisly gangland assassination. In a bloody recreation of the fate of Hector, Carlos Mendoza’s body was dragged face down across Stilwater, until mercifully being shot in the head.

How do you get zombie Lin?

After Lin ‘s death, calling Eye for an Eye voodoo supplies (555-5966) unlocks Zombie Lin as a homie. She is then available as a badly decomposed zombie and drives to wherever Playa is in a customized Reaper.

How do you get infinite respect in Saints Row 2?

Complete all races in Stilwater. Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs. Do activities to raise your respect past level 75. you will then have Infinite respect.

How do you unlock the last mission in Saints Row 2?

Got to the police station in the Saints Row District. Go to the third floor, there’s a room with some tapes you need to listen to. After you’ve listened to them, go to Troys room, and you’ll find a phone number. Call the number, and you’ll get the mission.

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How did Lin die in Saints Row?

She continues to deceive the Rollerz by working with Playa, and these ill-fated attempts ultimately lead to her death when Price’s uncle and financier, William Sharp, concludes that she has been betraying the Rollerz and has her killed. Lin is the first of four allies to die in the Saints Row series.

Does Johnny Gat come back in sr4?

A tweet from Deep Silver ushered in the return of Johnny Gat, believed to be dead, in Saints Row 4. Daniel Dae Kim, the voice of Johnny Gat, retweeted the announcement and confirmed that he will be back as the infamous Saint.

Who is zombie GAT?

Zombie Gat is one of three homies who are resurrected as Zombies in the Saints Row series, the other two being Zombie Lin and Zombie Carlos. Out of all of the three zombie homies, Zombie Gat looks and acts the most human, though he does have qualities synonymous to Zombie Carlos and Zombie Lin.

Who voices Lin Saints Row?

Tia Carrere is the voice of Lin in Saints Row IV.

What happened to Donnie Saints Row?

Matt returns and sacrifices himself to save Maero while Donnie retreats with him in a Legion. Donnie is not present during the final fight between Playa and the remnants of The Brotherhood, presumably leaving him as the only character to survive the downfall of two enemy gangs in the Saints Row series.

How do you cheat in Saints Row 2?

Saints Row 2 Weapons Cheats

  1. #920 – Give 12 Gauge.
  2. #921 – Give 44.
  3. #922 – Give AR200.
  4. #923 – Give AR-50.
  5. #924 – Give AR-50/Grenade Launcher.
  6. #925 – Give AS14 Hammer.
  7. #926 – Give Baseball Bat.
  8. #927 – Give Chainsaw.
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Does Saints Row 2 have cheats?

General Saints Row 2 Cheats Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat. Keep in mind that using cheats will disable your ability to fulfill achievement requirements.

What are the cheat codes for Saints Row 2?

General Saints Row 2 Cheats

  • Add Gang Notoriety – 35.
  • Add Police Notoriety – 4.
  • Car Mass Hole – 2.
  • Full Health – 1.
  • Get $1,000 – 2274666399.
  • Heaven Bound – 12.
  • I Am Giant – 200.
  • Infinite Ammo – 11.

Will Saints Row 2 be remastered?

Saints Row games typically get re-released a lot. And while the latter two full entries have been remastered a few times, don’t expect the same model to apply to the first two games in the series. According to publisher Deep Silver, it is “not in [its] plans” to make Saints Row Remastered or Saints Row 2 Remastered.

Do saints own Ultor?

Ultor has merged with the 3rd Street Saints to create the ” Saints / Ultor Media Group”, helping the gang to become international celebrities with their own line of clothes, drinks, and household brand products.

Where is the mall in Saints Row 2?

Overview. Rounds Square Shopping Center is an underground mall owned by Ultor, located under the Nob Hill neighborhood in the High End Retail District.

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