Will there be a season 6 of iZombie?

The fans will be excited and curious after knowing that their favorite web series is ready to take your hearts out by the thrill and adventure CW networks is prepared with season 6 of iZombie. An American paranormal procedural offense drama tube series narrated by Rob Thomas, including Diane Ruggiero-Wright for CW.

Why was iZombie Cancelled?

And here’s what we know about why iZombie was ultimately cancelled. Apparently, the decision came down to dwindling viewership, although some still find that hard to believe.

Is Season 5 the last season of iZombie?

Though the news of iZombie’s cancellation broke in May of 2018, the series came back for a final fifth season in order to appease its passionate core fanbase, per Deadline. The end to the series, which was loosely based on Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s comic, arrived due to dwindling viewership.

Will there be a season 6 of iZombie on Netflix?

iZombie won’t return with a season 6 on Netflix It may be a fan’s dream, but unfortunately, there will be no iZombie season 6. iZombie was officially canceled in May 2018. Along with some of the other CW series that ran longer.

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Does Ravi die in iZombie?

Yes, Ravi survived to the very end, because he deserved a happy ending after everything that happened. As for Blaine and Don-E, they sort of died. Both ended up at the bottom of the well that Blaine’s dad was once trapped down.

Does Clive become a zombie?

He is the only member of the main cast who did not become a zombie at any point throughout the show’s run.

What happened to Natalie in iZombie?

A call girl who Blaine zombified through sex, she is forced to accept an exclusive zombie clientele to maintain her brain supply. The two become a couple and plan to move to Italy—but she is inadvertently killed by anti-zombie leader Harley Johns in a suicide bombing.

Is Major a zombie?

Enhanced Speed/Agility: As a zombie, Major has access to greatly enhanced physical speed and agility. When in use, Major is incredibly nimble, and can move much faster than the average human being and he is able to leap across great distances.

Who dies at the end of iZombie?

The undead got a surprisingly happy ending during iZombie’s series finale on Thursday. Initially, it looked like Liv had been taken out by a Dead Ender bomber, while Major had sacrificed himself to prove the cure was real. Then a 10-year time jump revealed the truth.

Will iZombie have a Season 5?

Season 5 begins airing on The CW on May 2nd, 2019 and its finale is due to air on August 1st, 2019.

Is Liv dead iZombie?

But here’s where the virtualcast took a turn for the extremely heartbreaking: Byron revealed that Liv was allegedly killed by an anti-zombie suicide bomber…

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Who does Liv Moore end up with?

8 Got A Fitting Ending: Major Lilywhite Just like Liv, Major eventually becomes a zombie and he chooses to remain one as well. In the end, he and Liv end up living on Zombie Island with a group of adopted zombie children and they seem to be happy together.

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