What did King Ezekiel do before the Apocalypse?

Pre – Apocalypse As an adult, he became a zookeeper. One day, a Bengal tiger named Shiva fell into a concrete moat and thus her leg was ripped open.

What was Morgan job before the Apocalypse?

Morgan’s occupation is unknown but he’s probably a welder or something similar, given his skills in building the jail cell at Alexandria as well as setting up all those traps in King County.

What did Maggie do before the Apocalypse?

They sleep together, precipitating Tyreese’s breakup with Carol Peletier; Michonne and Tyreese then become a couple. Michonne reveals some details of her life before the apocalypse. She was a lawyer who had recently ended her marriage and lost custody of her children.

What were the walking dead characters before the Apocalypse?

The Walking Dead: What Life Was Like Before the Apocalypse

  • Glenn Rhee. Before he was the street-savvy guy we met back in season one, Glenn lived with his Korean immigrant parents and his sisters.
  • Carol Peletier.
  • Maggie Greene.
  • Aaron.
  • Abraham Ford.
  • Michonne.
  • Sasha Williams.
  • Daryl Dixon.
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Is Daryl Dixon a virgin?

A while back, there were rumors that Daryl is actually homosexual. For what it’s worth, Norman Reedus said he would totally embrace this and rock the part well if the writers took Daryl in this direction. However, Robert Kirkman himself later confirmed that Daryl is not gay. Here’s the answer— Daryl Dixon is a virgin.

What did Carol do before the Apocalypse?

Before the apocalypse began, Carol was a meek and battered housewife. She frequently avoided confrontation with her husband Ed in attempt to stifle his anger, though she secretly prayed to God that he be punished for abusing her and for his sexual interest in their young daughter Sophia (Madison Lintz).

What did Negan do before the zombie apocalypse?

Here’s Negan Prior to the outbreak, Negan was the coach of a local high school, keeping his players in line through intimidation and bullying. He is happily married to his wife, Lucille, but nonetheless has a mistress on the side who doesn’t know he is married.

What was Alpha before the Apocalypse?

No one knows what she was called before the zombie apocalypse ended the world as we know it. Her own daughter refers to her as ” Alpha.” When she introduced herself to the Hilltop community in the episode “Bounty,” she called herself ” Alpha ” as well.

What happened to Maggie and Glenn’s baby?

But Hershel’s end was particularly gruesome: he was decapitated by the Governor in Season 4, right in front of both his daughters. Maggie gave her son the same name in the comics—so that’s one thing we know the show will do by the book, so to speak, in addition to the time jump.

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Why did Negan kill Glenn?

The leader of the Saviors, Negan, selects Glenn to die as “punishment” for the Saviors Rick’s group killed; he then bludgeons Glenn to death with a baseball bat. His death initially leaves the group shattered, with Maggie quickly descending into an emotional mess and Rick on the verge of yielding to Negan’s power.

Does Maggie go against Rick?

Maggie never meant to do anything against Rick. All she said is that he was wrong keeping Negan alive, and that they would kill him when the time was right. Also, Maggie and Daryl are pretty much family of Rick and Michonne. After all they’ve been through together, there’s not a chance of one trying to kill the other.

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