How did Ezekiel turn into a mutant?

Mutation and happy ending After seeing Anne Maria, he kidnaps her, and tries to get her to fall for him by offering her gifts. After he is stopped by Lightning, the mine he is in is sealed off, and he is trapped in with the radiation, causing him to mutate slightly and develop acid spit.

What happened to Ezekiel in TD?

For failing to capture all the contestants, Ezekiel is thrown out of the plane by Chef Hatchet, but he manages to grab onto the wheel and eventually sneak back onto the plane.

Where was Izzy really hiding in TDI?

Izzy says that she never left the island and that she was hiding from the RCMP in the forest and taking refuge in the beaver dam.

What happened to Heather and Alejandro?

However, Heather (well-known for her greed and countless amounts of betrayals) betrays him by kneeing him in the groin and tossing him off of the volcano, saying that “boys are okay, but a million dollars is way better!” They finally become a couple in the All-Stars finale.

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What happens to Ezekiel?

His head was found by Rick and the other members of the group. Michonne was distraught, especially when Ezekiel’s head somehow reanimated, even though it was separated from his his body. Ezekiel was put down by Andrea. Following Ezekiel’s death, a character named William succeeded him as the new leader of the Kingdom.

When did Ezekiel turn into a zombie?

In Grand Duncan Auto, Ezekiel was revealed to have become a zombie again and was used for the challenge.

How old is Zoey from total drama?


Personal Information
Hair Color Strong Red
Eye Color Dark Grayish Amaranth
Age 16
Birth Place Canada


Is Chris McLean a psychopath?

Chris McLean is a Narcissistic psychopath who is well aware of his surroundings and very intelligent when it comes to his own show.

Who won Total Drama World Tour?

The winner of Total Drama World Tour is Alejandro in Canada, while Heather is the runner-up.

What happened Izzy TDI?

After Eva and Noah threw buckets of chum at Justin, Izzy steals the case from him after dumping another bucket at him. However, Izzy drops the case and is caught in the stampede of contestants. She, along with those who fell into the lake, are qualified for Total Drama Action.

How old is Beth total drama?

Character Information

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 14
Friends: Bridgette, Cody, Duncan, Harold, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay (best friend), Owen, Trent
Enemies: Courtney, Heather

Does Courtney like Alejandro?

Initially, Courtney has no interest in Alejandro romantically, as she is still involved with Duncan at the time. However after finding out that Duncan cheated on her with Gwen, Alejandro is able to use Courtney’s emotional weakness to his advantage, who falls madly for him not long afterward.

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Why did Trent and Gwen break up?

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Gwen and Trent broke up as Gwen couldn’t bear to see him changing for the worst. Unbeknownst to them, Justin overheard their conversation and accused Gwen of having an alliance with Trent. Pressured by this, Gwen told the Killer Grips to vote Trent off later that night.

Are Gwen and Duncan together?

After breaking up with Courtney, Duncan starts a proper relationship with Gwen after sharing their second kiss. Once Duncan is eliminated from the competition again, he is reunited with Gwen, and the two of them continue their relationship.

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