Are there cheats for Call of Duty WW2?

Call Of Duty: WW2 Cheat Gives Unlimited Health, God Mode And More. Just like the previous Call Of Duty games it too will be a first-person game but will lack some advanced movement system from its predecessor. you take different roles in the game such as assaulter, medic, and more.

Why are my classes locked on cod WW2?

You have Throwback Perks setup. You need to edit the locked classes to not include the throwback perks, then you will be able to use them. Revert them to regular basic trainings.

What are the best guns in WW2 zombies?

While some may find other weapons more useful, we think these are the best guns in Nazi Zombies that can be bought off the wall:

  • BAR (Morgue)
  • Machine Pistol (Spawn)
  • STG44 (Morgue)
  • SVT-40 (Village Square)

Where are the 3 tunnels in WW2 zombies?

The Tunnels can be found in the Main Bunker room with the large map, The Lab on the lower floor and through the Pub. If you exit out of the Pub there is another gate you can open, go all the way through the gate and you will find the tunnel at the end.

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How do you unlock pack a punch in WW2?

It costs 5000 Jolts to upgrade a weapon and 4000 Jolts to purchase ammo. First off, you’ll need to activate the power in the Sewers and open the Bunker to access the Control Command Room. After you’ve done that and activated both power switches in the Morgue and Laboratory, you’ll be able to unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

How do you unlock the zombie character in WW2?

How To Unlock Secret Playable Characters

  1. B.A.T. Agent: Kill a Treasurer Zombie.
  2. Survivalist: Get to Round 30 without purchasing perks.
  3. Hunter: Obtained Zombie Hunter part A — random Treasurer Zombie drop.
  4. Mountaineer: Survived 20 rounds without opening doors.
  5. B.A.T. Elite:
  6. Assassin: Defeat the Panzermorder by Round 12.
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