How do you kill the first zombie in Resident Evil?

Burn the zombie to death with an incendiary weapon like a Flamethrower of Incendiary Round. Blow up the head of the zombie (which happens at random) Don’t kill the zombie in the first place.

Can you beat Resident Evil 1 with only a knife?

Congratulations!! You just beat Resident Evil using only the knife. The achievement will pop at the summary screen that shows your time, ammo used (should be 000), creatures dispatched and health items used.

Can you kill zombies with the knife in Resident Evil?

re: How do I kill zombies with the knife? To kill them quickly,yes. But it’s possible to use the knife on them,aim at their legs till they fall down so you can get easy hits. When they are right about to attack,just move back and repeat.

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How do you use a re1 knife?

Poke the zombie’s foot, etc. That’s the only way to use the knife without getting hit unless you get very lucky and trap a zombie behind a piece of furniture and you can hit them through the furniture (like the statue room that has the 1F map).

Can you kill all the zombies in Resident Evil 1?

Even on Normal there’s enough ammo to kill most enemies. It just takes a bit until you ‘ve collected enough of it. Only hard mode and Real Survivor are really stingy with ammo, but you can ‘t select any of those until you ‘ve beaten the game once, so it doesn’t really matter.

Can you kill all zombies in Resident Evil remake?

For example, some zombies get replaced anyway, so no worry about Crimson heads. Also, there are certain routes through which you ‘ll have to go through multiple times. For convenience, you can kill those. Or if you like to kill just because you can, you should kill everything.

What does CQC FTW mean?

Finish the game using only your knife (no lighter, Defensive Items, and stomping zombie heads). Official description. CQC FTW is an award available in Resident Evil.

How do you kill a crimson head with a knife?

User Info: REexpert44. dodge a grab/slash hit the right side stomach run in a circle and repeat, if the hit the grond get above their hear and hit them as many times as you can

How much damage does the knife do in Resident Evil 4?

actually the knife does 1/10 of the damage the original handgun does. the suplex does random damage because sometimes you can decapitate them in one hit or just do some damage.

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Should I kill zombies Resident Evil 2?

You Don’t Need to Kill Every Zombie Although it’s tempting to fire off shot after shot, and check that they’re all dead, this really isn’t necessary. On the ‘Standard’ difficult mode for Resident Evil 2, a single zombie can take as many as seven bullets to the head before actually dropping dead.

Can you kill plant zombies re2?

The only way to permanently kill a plant zombie is with fire once they ‘ve been knocked onto the ground. Remember, any weapon can disable the plant zombies, but you must use fire to erase them from existence.

How do you permanently kill zombies in re2?

There are a few ways to make this happen:

  1. A very precise (or lucky) shot. Sometimes you’ll shoot a zombie in the head with your weakest gun and its head will just pop.
  2. A lot of headshots. Three headshots (give or take) will knock a zombie down for a minute, but they usually get back up.
  3. Powerful weapons.

What does the survival knife do in Resident Evil?

It should only be used as a last resort as it’s very weak and notoriously difficult to use without being attacked. It has to be used at one point in the game to clear a door of spider webs.

Does Chris knife do more damage?

Chris uses his own knife from his days in the Air-Force. It is noticeably bigger than Jill’s and does more damage. The extra knife uses the description; It’s a survival knife.

How do you kill the zombie knife in Resident Evil 1?

First, make sure you’re using the original tank controls. Walk up to a zombie, aim down, and stab. If you hit, back up a step or two, then stab again. Repeat until it falls, then get a couple more stabs in until it gets back up, then repeat until dead.

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