Where are the teddy bears in zombies in Spaceland?

Teddy Bear Locations: Through a gift shop window in Cosmic Way (Pack-a-Punch Portal hub) In a cavern visible from the bridge linked Cosmic Way to Polar Peak. On a chair in a ruined office in the underground maintenance tunnels. Top left corner of the prize display case behind the Astrocade counter.

How many teddy bear locations are there in zombies in Spaceland?

In this video I’m gonna show you 62 teddy bear locations for the MW2 song that you need to unlock the hidden Trophy / Achievement “I Love the 80’s”.

How do you beat Spaceland zombies in infinite warfare?

When killing zombies in the first few rounds, shoot them about five to six times with the starting handgun. Then finish the creatures off with a melee attack to maximize the profits from each kill. Stay at the starting area farming zombies for at least three rounds, and then proceed to the center hub of the park.

Where should I put Seticom?


  1. Directly in front of the Racin’ Stripes machine in the underground area.
  2. In front of the main entrance to Polar Peak.
  3. In the center of the gift shop in Polar Peak.
  4. In between the purple and orange colored fountains in the Fountain Area.
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Where is the calculator on zombies in Spaceland?

The Calculator can either be found on the yellow bench outside of the spawn area. It’s hard to miss it. Just look to your left at the bench beside the center flower bed. If the first spot doesn’t pan out, look for the calculator on top of a trashcan inside of Astrocade.

How do you get a Headcutter?

The middle part for the Headcutter is a Yeti toy. Simply collect 3 x green coins (random drops from zombies) and deposit them one by one into the Souvenir machine at Polar Peak. The toy will appear as soon as the third green coin is deposited.

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