How do you physically prepare for a zombie apocalypse?

Stay in peak physical condition

  1. 100 jumping jacks to get warmed up.
  2. Set a timer for four minutes.
  3. Do as many push ups as you can – write down the number. Move immediately onto #4.
  4. Do as many air squats as you can – write down the number. Move immediately onto #5.
  5. Do as many pull ups as you can – write down the number.

Are you fit enough to survive a zombie apocalypse?

You can! If you put a little work in, that is—and no, training for a zombie attack isn’t crazy. “When you work on functional fitness, everyday life stuff feels easier,” says Melanie Tannenbaum, the certified fitness instructor who created this 20-minute anti- zombie training session.

What is the ideal body for survival?

Everything else aside, there are 4 things the human body must have to survive: water, food, oxygen, and a functioning nervous system. Humans can last a little while without food or water, but life would immediately be over without oxygen or a working nervous system.

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What do you need for a zombie apocalypse?

Zombie Apocalypse Gear

  • A solid tactical knife.
  • Emergency water filter or water filtration packets for fresh water.
  • First aid kit.
  • A tactical watch.
  • A good pair of Gore-Tex boots.
  • Binoculars.
  • Food.
  • Flashlight.

What are zombies afraid of?

Zombies are afraid of fire, so you will definitely want some fireworks with you. Incendiary grenades, smoke grenades and thermites all sound like a great idea. They will produce lots of bang and fizzle, allowing you to escape.

What is the zombie virus called?

(The scientists named the virus Pithovirus sibericum because its shape resembled the ancient Greek wine jars called “pithos.”) Fortunately, it appears that the primary threat that this zombie virus poses is to the microscopic amoeba population.

What are the five survival needs of humans?

These are: air, water, food, shelter, sanitation, sleep, space, and touch.

What are the 5 things you need to survive?

One of the first things that every society needs to do is to provide the big 5, Food, Water, Shelter, Energy and Education. All Five are equally important and all five are connected.

How do I prepare my body for survival?

Speaking practically, you’re prepared if you can:

  1. Comfortably survive on 1,500 calories per day with high physical activity or stress.
  2. Carry a 30 pound backpack on foot for 10 hours.
  3. Lift a 7 gallon water container (55 pounds) and walk 100 feet.
  4. Drag or carry a 150 pound person for 100 feet.

What is the first thing you do in a zombie apocalypse?

Assess the Situation. The very first thing anyone should do, not just in a zombie apocalypse, but in every disaster situation, is, find out what the hell is going on. Turn on the TV, listen to the radio, call someone, get as much information as you possibly can. Who knows, it could be a bluff.

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What is the best food for a zombie apocalypse?

Energy/Cereal/Granola Bars Some combination of energy bars, cereal bars or granola bars is a must have. Anyone prepared for zombie apocalypse should have cases of these in the pantry – they are packed full of energy and nutrients, last basically forever, and travel extremely well.

What clothes to wear in a zombie apocalypse?

A camo hat and a regular ball hat, goggles or glasses, a bandanna, cotton undershirt, thin t-shirt, medium or large backpack, underpants, cargo pants of any type, a “battle belt”, wool socks, and jungle boots. Extra stuff like wet shoes, gaiters, a jacket, extra shorts, and gloves are kept in the backpack.

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