How do you restart last day on earth iOS?

Restart the app and connect it to Google Play for your progress to be automatically saved.In order to start the game over on iOS, you just have to disconnect your game progress in game settings and reinstall the game.

How do you get crafting points in the last day on Earth?

It seems as of right now, the only way to get points in Last Day on Earth: Survival is to level up. Levelling up will provide you with a various amount of points, and usually allow you to unlock around 2-5 items.

Is Ldoe a multiplayer?

Just recently Last Day on Earth introduced their first version of multiplayer (Sector 7) which does not have clans or even PvP. If you would like to learn how to access the multiplayer section of Last Day on Earth, please watch the first 5 minutes of this video.

What is Sector 7 in last day on Earth?

Sector 7. This is a multiplayer area where players can find other members in their clan. The “Survivor” is there and will give you tasks every 20 hours for various rewards which include weapon modifications, a Tactical Backpack, and a skill.

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How do I delete Ldoe data?

Don’t just leave the app, close it. After that, go into settings and clear LDOE’s data. After re-entering the game, at some point your save file will be detected. Press the restore button.

How do I restart my game on Westland survival?

If you wish to start from scratch again on iOS, you can find the option to reset your account on the next game start in the game’s entry in your device’s app settings. On Android, the same can be achieved by heading to Settings>Apps>ZG Survival >Storage>Clear Data.

How do I restore purchases last day on Earth?

To recover a lost account in Last Day on Earth, you can either reconnect your account or contact tech support. Take a screenshot, then once you have your screenshot, hit the “Support” button. This will reveal a variety of different options.

How do you get the Purple blueprints last day on Earth?

You can get purple blueprints from alpha weapon dealer, but the chance is low. Sometimes from the blue box in farm. Purchase with real money.

Can you build a second floor in Ldoe?

You can build them using the construction icon located in the top right under your minimap. However once you start to reach higher levels, certain objects such as chests can only be built on Level 2 floors.

Can zombies break level 2 walls?

Level 2 walls deal 50 damage to zombies and are therefore harder for the Horde to break through. Players and AI can break L2 walls with Iron Hatchets.

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Can you get raided in last day on Earth?

As of update Beta v. 1.7, a new raiding system was added, enabling the player to invade another player’s base. The Raiders’ station will first appear on the CB Radio five days after you build and place it.

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