What is the easiest character to unlock in blackout?

Ajax. Collect 3 Destroyed Armour Plating items and finish the match with them in your inventory. This is by far the easiest Blackout character skin to unlock as you can kill the required enemies any way you want and you don’t have to worry about finishing in the top few teams.

Can you unlock characters in blackout custom games?

No, nothing in Custom matches transfers over to live servers be it stats, unlocks, etc. Life is a Race, make sure you do not cause the caution.

How do you unlock the blackout in Call of Duty 4?

To unlock Masaki in Blackout you have to collect a Katana, use it to kill zombies and finish the match in the top 10. Unlocking Scarlett for Blackout is as ‘simple’ as obtaining the Racing Goggles and Bandana by killing zombies or looting fallen players. To unlock Shadow-Man you need to buy the Black Ops 4 Season Pass.

How do you unlock Spectre numbers?

How to unlock Spectre’s Numbers outfit in Blackout

  1. Finish match with Voice Modulator item in your inventory.
  2. Lifetime: Kill 20 enemies with a suppressed weapon while the Dead Silence perk is active.

Can you use blackout characters in multiplayer?

Black Ops 4 Blackout character missions help you unlock new skins in the Battle Royale mode. Character skins for many well known characters from the Black Ops franchise, Zombies and multiplayer are unavailable from the start, and require specific actions to unlock.

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