How do you restart Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2?

Re: How to reset Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 You can’t really reset the game. On PC it is what it is. If your on Xbox and maybe PS you can make a new profile and play from the start.

How do I delete my plants vs zombies account?

To process an account deletion you must contact our Live-Support team at Our forum staff is not capable of making account changes like this.

How do you restart Plants vs Zombies on Xbox 360?


  1. Provided answer doesn’t work.
  2. Reinstall the game.
  3. According to Popcap games, other then creating a new xbox profile, there is no other way to start a new game on xbox 360.
  4. you will have to delete your saved game from the xbox hard drive manually by;

Why did my plants vs zombies reset?

That’s usually associated with losing connection to the EA servers. All your game stats and unlocks are stored server side. Just restart the game and it should fix itself. If not, hard restart your system.

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What is the objective of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare?

The objective of this game mode is to protect your garden base from ten waves of Zombies. The amount of zombies per wave depends on how many players are in the game. If the garden’s health bar is reduced to zero before the end of the tenth wave, or if all four players are knocked out, it’s game over.

Can you restart plants vs zombies battle for Neighborville?

Re: How can I start a new game in pvz bfn @Resurg8nt If you are on PC, the only way is to make a new EA account. You can not reset progress on current accounts.

How do you make another account on PvZ2?

Create a new one with different name. 6. Exit PvZ2. 7. Without internet connection

  1. Go to Android/data/com.
  2. Backup the No_Backup folder and delete the old folder.
  3. Create a new account.

How do I make another account on Plants vs Zombies 2?

Go to your phone settings, find app settings. In plants vs zombies 2 app. Delete app data. When you open the game, it will have you set your age, name a player, and then connect to play Google account.

Why do my plants keep resetting Sims 4?

Plants keep resetting themselves to the sprout stage or have the seed of a plant just lying in the pot when it’s already been planted. They will randomly grow and can be harvested or keep resetting before they can be harvested at all. Doesn’t matter if the plant is in season or sheltered – all of them keep doing this.

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How can I transfer my plants vs zombies?

PvZ 2 uses your Google account to sync game progress across your Android devices. Sign in to your Google account in the game to turn on this feature. How do I sign in to my Google Account?

  1. Launch PvZ 2.
  2. Tap the Controller icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the main menu.
  3. You’ll be asked to log in.

How do I edit a PvZ file?

Go to images folder, find background1. jpg (Day), then copy the file to your folder and edit it with photo editor, such as Adobe Photoshop. After editing, replace the original file in the images folder to the file you have created.

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