How do I get rid of zombie ff9?

Zombie can be cured via Holy Water or Remedy, but it notably cannot be cured with the spell Esuna. Evrae Altana and Fallen Monk start the battle under permanent Zombie status. Zombie causes items and abilities that normally heal HP to deal damage instead.

How do I heal frozen ff6?

A character under the Freeze status is encased in ice and immediately KO’d if hit with a physical attack. The affected will thaw out in time, and will be cured if a Fire-elemental spell is cast on him or her.

What does zombie effect do in FFX?

Zombie causes the victim to be immune to instant death at the cost of taking damage from restorative items and magic.

Where is the zombie ff9?

The Zombie is an undead enemy from Final Fantasy IX. The party can find it in the Iifa Tree and in the Gunitas, Daines-horse, and Zamo Basin on the Mist Continent on disc 4.

What cures curse FFX?

Final Fantasy X Curse is one of the few status ailments that aeons are not protected against. It can be cured by using Dispel or a Holy Water.

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How do you cure silence in ff6?

Silence is inflicted either through the use of the spell Silence, or through the physical attacks of the boss Echidna. It can be cured by using an Echo Herbs or the spell Esuna.

How do you cure frog ff6?

Toad prevents the use of magic and drastically decreases a character’s Attack and Defense causing all attacks to deal 1, or 0 damage. It can only be cured with a Maiden’s Kiss, Esuna, or a Toad spell.

How do I get rid of doom in ff6?

To get rid of it, the healer must completely heal the affected player with Doom before the timer hits zero. In the World of Darkness, Angra Mainyu will use Mortal Gaze, which will inflict Doom on players who look directly at the boss. To get rid of the status, the player must stand on the glowing pad.

How do you fight the magic urn in FFX?

Magic Urn can only be killed with Yojimbo’s Zanmato or Doom, which takes 200 turns to work if used on the center eye, or 3 turns if used on any other eye. If Magic Urn is killed in this fashion it gives nothing as a reward.

Where is quick hit on the sphere grid?

Quick Hit allows a character to attack quickly with greatly reduced recovery time, usually fast enough for the attack to be used several times before the enemy can move. It is found at the end of Tidus’s section of the Sphere Grid.

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