How do you beat punk zombies?

Plants such as Spikerock and Celery Stalker can help to defeat him, as he cannot push Spikerocks or Celery Stalker (when hiding). Laser Bean and Fume-shroom are useful for killing multiple Punk Zombies in groups, as well as other zombies.

How do you beat the spinning zombies?

To defeat the Jester Zombie, the player should use area-of-effect plants, instant- kill plants, splash damage plants, plants that utilize non-physical projectiles, etc.

How do you beat the roller skate zombie?

Jack O’ Lanterns are an excellent choice as they can destroy both the Glitter Zombie and the zombies in her rainbow at the same time. Guacodile is also useful as he will rush before the Glitter Zombie has the chance to target him.

What kills the Gargantuar zombie?

Hitting a Gargantuar with a Squash, followed by a Jalapeno kills him fast, and prevents the Imp from doing serious damage. A charged Potato Mine will deal damage to the Gargantuar when he crushes it.

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How do you beat Neon’s mixtape on day 21?

Strategy 2

  1. Required plants:
  2. Try to plant 10 to 14 Sun-shrooms throughout the level.
  3. Use Magnifying Grass to kill the first two Neon Zombies.
  4. When the Punk Zombie appears, use Stunion, plant Chard Guard at the seventh column, and plant a Magnet-shroom at the third column in the middle lane.

How do you beat Neon Day 26 mixtape?

To defeat it, place a Spring Bean under it and quickly place a Blover.

How do you kill squid zombies?

Using Plant Food on it will ensure he gets buttered. Kill him quickly, as he can bind up an unlimited number of plants. This could result in all plants being bound up and lead to you using tons of coins for Power Ups and Plant Food to kill the Octo Zombie and remove the octopi.

How do you kill flying zombies Plants vs Zombies?

Use a Blover or Hurrikale against Balloon Zombies with their balloons to instantly kill them quickly in large numbers. Tall-nuts and plant -made force fields can now stall him.

What does Jester mean?

1: fool sense 2a. 2: one given to jests.

How do you explode an O nut?

Explode – O – Nut remains on the tile where he is planted, and when destroyed by any means (except being burned, thrown off the lawn, or shoveled), he will explode.

What kills weasels in Plants vs Zombies?

If you see a Weasel Hoarder in the seed selection screen, be sure to bring at least Fume-shroom, Laser Bean, Spikeweeds, Spikerock, or other area-of-effect plants in your seed slots. Laser Beans can instantly kill all Ice Weasels in a lane as their damage per individual laser beam is the same as an Ice Weasel’s health.

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How do you beat the giant zombie?

User Info: solarphinn. Snow Peas in the front row to slow them down, then lots of firepower. You’ll need 2 bombs to kill him if that’s all you use. If you take both the jalapeno and the cherry bomb, you can use those, but then lengthy cooldown will prevent you from using that combo if you get more than one.

Can Chomper eat Gargantuar?

Chompers cannot eat a full Gargantuar, instead deals 40 damage(aka 2 peas) for every chomp.

How many peas does it take to kill a zombie?

Peashooter Zombie is weaker than a Peashooter because the Peashooter Zombie takes 10 peas, while the Peashooter takes 16 peas to destroy.

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