How did Marvel Zombies end?

The series culminates in the Watcher of the new universe (who had seemingly been eaten by Giant Man in the first issue, but a Watcher cannot be killed or infected in that manner) sending the infected Sentry of his reality (who had been infected by a zombified Bruce Banner in their battle during World War Hulk) back in

What caused Marvel Zombies?

For them, it all started when a zombified Sentry crashed to Earth and began spreading the virus around to the Avengers, X-Men and, of course, the Fantastic Four. The zombie FF wanted to open a portal to other worlds so they could eat, having turned just about everyone in their reality in three days!

Does anyone survive Marvel Zombies?

WHO SURVIVED? There are only a handful of confirmed survivors in the story so far. The issue focuses largely on Spider-Man, who remained behind and was watching over Franklin and Valeria Richards when the Galactus Hive returned to Earth.

Who died in Marvel Zombies?

Forty years after leaving Earth, the cosmic powered- zombies have systematically devoured all other life in the universe, as well as infecting the Titan Thanos (who is killed shortly thereafter by the Hulk after squabbling over food), the mutant Phoenix, Shi’ar warrior Gladiator and former Herald of Galactus Firelord

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Can Deadpool become a zombie?

1 is easy to explain he was turned into a zombie and couldn’t regrow his body from zombie virus. In that universe everyone is zombies. However 2, is much different and is more canon that this could happen to 616 (Main canon) deadpool. His healing factor heals him after becoming a zombie, returning him to normal.

Who is Headpool?

Known as the Merc’ with Only a Mouth, Headpool is a floating, zombified, disembodied head from the Marvel Zombies universe, Earth-2149. He became a zombie when a virus affected many superhumans that gave them a craving for flesh.

Who is the strongest Marvel character?

Hercules. Over 3000 years old, Hercules, the son of Zeus, is considered the physically strongest character in the entire Marvel universe. He is stronger than both Thor and Hulk, and once pulled the entire island of Manhattan which weighed 99,000,000,000 tons.

Who is not a zombie in Marvel Zombies?

10 Magneto Is Eaten Early in the issue, Magneto is revealed to be one of the few characters who has not yet been transformed into a zombie. He is even trying to help the remaining humans escape to a safer dimension while staying behind to fight off the zombies.

Who is Zombie Hulk?

Robert Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk, is a major antagonist in Marvel Zombies, which takes place in an alternate version of the Marvel Universe, called Earth-2149, where all super-powered beings became infected by an extraterrestrial virus which transformed them into Zombies.

Does Deadpool die in Marvel Zombies?

In the end, he was killed by an agent of the Evil Deadpool Corps who hunted down and killed alternate Deadpools as asked by an alternate version of him, one that questioned his whole existence and wanted to free the fictional characters by killing other Deadpools in the belief that they were the progenitors of all

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Can Wolverine become a zombie?

Regenerative Healing Factor: This Wolverine once shared the healing factor of his Earth-616 counterpart, however this wasn’t strong enough to resist the Hunger Virus causing him to turn into a Zombie.

Who is Zombie Captain America?

Colonel America (real name: Steven Rogers) is the counterpart of Captain America from the horror comic book, Marvel Zombies. He is responsible for Spider-Man’s infection, and half responsible for the infection of Wolverine. He is also indirectly responsible for Reed’s insanity, as Colonel America infected She-Hulk.

What are Marvel fans called?

Marvel Zombies – Marvel Comics fans. Shellheads – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans. Hornheads – Daredevil fans. Backies – Back to the Future fans. Ghostheads – Ghostbusters fans.

Is Marvel Zombies resurrection a one shot?

“The original MARVEL ZOMBIES made such an impact on fans when it came out, and now Marvel has been kind enough to let me do my own take on it. “In the MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION one – shot, we saw Earth’s Mightiest Heroes travel into space to investigate a mysterious threat, leading to horrifying consequences.

What earth is Marvel Zombies resurrection?

Solicit Synopsis. THE MARVEL ZOMBIES RISE AGAIN! When the corpse of Galactus reaches planet Earth carrying a cannibalistic virus, Spider–Man and a ragtag group of heroes struggle to save survivors and uncover the truth!

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