How do you kill zombies attracted to plants?

Kill fifteen zombies attracted to a plant: For this challenge, the player has to water a planted seed three times using purple water. After that, a plant that attracts and kills zombies will grow.

How long do plants last in zetsubou no Shima?

Purple Water Plant If you water a seed with Purple Water for three consecutive rounds, you will get a plant which will not only attack you, but also zombies in the area. Lasting for about 4-5 rounds, this plant also lures zombies to it, allowing you to finish them off without any problems.

Can 2 people have the KT-4?

You can get multiple regardless.

What does the fruit do in zetsubou no Shima?

This plant gives you a 50% chance of either getting yourself a free random perk regardless of perk slots or throwing up and nothing happens. You can have a free perk every time you eat the fruit of this plant in one game.

Can all 4 players have the wonder weapon?

To get Wonder Weapons for all four players, I highly recommend doing the Trials. The Trial machine is located in the first room of the facility after the underground bunker doors open. If you continue to complete trials between Easter egg steps or just gunning down zombies, you will get a Wonder Weapon.

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How do you get fruit from a ZNS plant?

If you mix Blue, Purple and Green then you have a 25% chance to produce a Fruit Plant. You also have a 25% chance to grow any of the other standard plants. The Rainbow Water (when used 3 times on a seed) has a 25% chance to produce any of the regular plants as well as the Fruit Plant.

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