How do you kill the big zombie in Resident Evil 3?

To defeat him you want to shoot the fuel tank on his back. Keep shooting it till it explodes and eventually he will get super mad while being on fire – not a good combo – and will charge at you. If he grabs you, it’s massive damage time, so avoid at all costs while unloading everything you have into him until he drops.

How do I defend Jill re3?

When you’re back in control of Carlos after the cutscene, load up on your best weapons. You’ll have to defend Jill while zombies upon zombies load into the hospital through four different windows. The best strategy for this section is: never stop moving. Zombies will be coming in from every direction.

How do you kill the white zombies in re3?

The key to defeating White Zombies in Resident Evil 3 is with burst damage. Weapons that can destroy them quickly to make their regeneration irrelevant. If we poke them will small arms fire they will heal up during the process.

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How do you beat the horde on days gone?

How to take down a Horde in Days Gone

  1. Look for bottlenecks and choke points.
  2. Fight them during the day.
  3. Make a note of nearby exploding barrels.
  4. Place traps before you alert them.
  5. Upgrade your Focus to the maximum.
  6. Pick the right weapons.
  7. Craft as many explosives as you can.
  8. Attractors (and Attractor Bombs) are crucial.

How do you counter re3?

Dodging and countering as Jill

  1. At the very last moment, press RB.
  2. At the same time, push the left thumbstick in a direction away from the enemy.
  3. If successful, you’ll hear a distinct sound while Jill rolls out of the way of damage.
  4. Immediately pull LT and you will have a short window of time to fire on your enemy.

Is the G18 better than the G19 re3?

Using the G18 Handgun (Burst Model) on Enemies It has the same stats as the G19 Handgun but utilizes burst fire. Average accuracy and damage, but with the burst fire increasing fire rate, it can deal damage faster than the G19 model if aimed properly.

Where do you put the detonator in re3?

This page is about the key item Detonator in the game Resident Evil 3 Remake ( RE3 Remake). Read on for more information on where to get the Detonator and where to use it. ▼ How to Get.

1 You need to get the Battery from the Safety Deposit Room.
2 You need to get the Detonator (No Battery) from the Locker Room.


Can pale heads be killed?

In Resident Evil 3, Acid Rounds imbued MGL Grenade Launcher can kill the Pale Heads and stop their regeneration.

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What are Acid Rounds good for re3?

Acid rounds are best used against Hunter-β. The acid rounds cause the Hunter-β to get stunned for a good duration while dealing high damage to them and giving you ample time to shoot them on their head. You can also use acid rounds against Nemesis since it deal a lot of damage against him.

How do you kill Hunter re3?

Grenade Launcher and Shotgun The Acid Rounds of the Grenade Launcher and the Shotgun are the best weapons to use to deal with the Hunter. You can use both of these to quickly kill the Hunter by shooting at its face.

Can you kill all the Freakers in days gone?

Screamers are exclusively female Freakers with long hair, and will scream to attract all nearby Freakers to their location. They will run away from you once they spot you, and while it is possible to kill them stealthily, we recommend just shooting the hell out of them.

Do hordes regenerate days gone?

It doesn’t regenerate. Don’t kill the horde if you want a story mission;). It comes later in the story. They have the amount you leave alive.

What happens when you kill all hordes in days gone?

However, slaying them earns you considerable Days Gone Horde rewards including trust, experience points and, if you can take every single horde out, the St. John Horde Killer Custom Skin for your motorcycle.

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