What does the zombie say in hocus pocus?

I killed you once, I shall kill you again, you maggoty malfeasence! Hang on to your heads!

Who was Winnie’s lover on hocus pocus?

When she caught her lover, Billy Butcherson, cheating on her with her beautiful sister Sarah, she flew into a jealous rage and poisoned him, sewing his lips shut with a dull needle for good measure.

Is Billy Butcherson real?

The actor who plays Billy Butcherson, Doug Jones, revealed in a Q&A that the moths in this scene were real.

What does Billy Butcherson call Winifred?

After cutting his mouth open, Billy calls Winifred a “Wench” and ” Trollop,” among other colorful names.

How did Billy die in hocus pocus?

Role in the film When he was first alive, Billy dated Winifred Sanderson. Unfortunately, she found out he was in love with her younger sister Sarah Sanderson. An angry Winifred poisoned him and sewed his mouth shut with a dull needle so he could not tell her secrets, even in death. He died on May 1, 1693.

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What is the last line of hocus pocus?

What is the last line spoken in the movie before the credits start? “I will always be with you.” “Let’s go home, Dani.” “I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle.” “Thackery Binx, what took you so long?”

Is Hocus Pocus a true story?

The original story for ” Hocus Pocus ” was much darker than the movie we know and love today. For one, long before Carrie Bradshaw and the Divine Miss M brought the Sanderson sisters to life, the story of three resurrected Salem witches was a bedtime story producer David Kirschner told his kids.

Why is hocus pocus so popular?

The biggest factor driving the Hocus Pocus renaissance is nostalgia. Kids that grew up watching Hocus Pocus on television every year are now adults, who can introduce the film to their children and make Hocus Pocus a part of their annual Halloween tradition.

Why didn’t the witches burn hocus pocus?

The characters assumed fire would work because of the stereotype. Binx doesn’t think they’re dead and he’s more in the know about magic stuff than they are. The magic of the candle brings them back for that Halloween night and for then they are invincible – which is why they don’t die in the fire.

Is Billy Butcherson a zombie?

13 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of “Hocus Pocus” From Billy The Zombie. While Doug Jones has had a long and varied career in films and television, he’s still fondly remembered as Billy Butcherson, the good-guy zombie in 1993’s Hocus Pocus.

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Where was hocus pocus filmed?

While the film is set in Salem, Massachusetts, most of it was shot on sound stages in Burbank, California.

Did Bette Midler wear fake teeth in hocus pocus?

Bette Midler Seems To Be Up For A Sequel “We laughed the whole time and we flew! We flew! And we got to wear like crazy noses and fake teeth and all those sorts of things.”

What was Billy’s last name in hocus pocus?

Doug Jones as William ” Billy ” Butcherson, an ex-boyfriend poisoned by Winifred on May 1, 1693 resorted to being a zombie. Amanda Shepherd as Emily Binx, Thackery’s little sister and 1693 victim of the Sanderson sisters who got her life force drained by them on October 31, 1693.

Does the cat die in hocus pocus?

The cat Binx dies at the end of the film but Binx’ spirit lives on.

Who said amuck amuck amuck?

3 ” Amuck! After Winifred explains this to her sisters, Sarah gets all excited and starts chanting ” Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!” while jumping up and down.

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