Which cats are good against zombies in Battle Cats?

Anti- Zombie Cats

  • Ururun Wolf (Special Cat)
  • Nekoluga (Uber Rare Cat)
  • Valkyrie Cat (Special Cat)
  • Balaluga (Uber Rare Cat)

What is the strongest battle cat?


Bahamut Cat
Health Attack Power Attack Range
1,500 HP 5,000 damage (250 DPS) 450
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type
25,500 HP 85,000 damage (4,250 DPS) Area Attack


How do you get the Zombie Cat in Battle Cats?

Zombie Cat is a Special Cat that can be purchased for 120 Cat Food in the Upgrade Menu after completing Madagascar in Empire of Cats Chapter 1. True Form grants Area Attack, strong against Zombies and the Zombie Killer ability.

What cat does the most damage in Battle Cats?

Lesser Demon Cat is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked via the Rare Cat Capsule during The Dynamites, Superfest, Epicfest and Uberfest events. True Form greatly increases his attack power and health.

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Is Sarukani good battle cats?

Sarukani can be used as a generalist or against Angels he outranges, but his use is recommended mostly against Zombies. When used as support, he can still help greatly with his zombie killer ability and the consistent DPS, while outranging all common zombies except Cadaver Bear and Zamelle.

How do you get a crazed giraffe cat?

Evolution. Evolves into Crazed Giraffe Cat at level 10. Evolves into Manic Lion Cat when obtained from Cow Maniac and is level 20 or above.

What is a cat’s worst enemy?

Typical examples of natural enemies of cats include foxes, coyotes, raccoons, raccoon-dogs and others of a similar size and similar capabilities. However, no textbooks list cats as a part of these animals’ natural diets, and their reported attacks, while pretty common, shouldn’t be considered the norm.

What is the rarest legend rare in Battle Cats?

Legeluga is a Legend Rare Cat that can be obtained at an extremely low chance when playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Tales of the Nekoluga event.

Is Kasa Jizo good?

His range of 450 is good enough to outrange most enemies, further improved by the massive damage ability, which is very helpful as some mid-late game threats are Black or Angel.

How do you unlock evil cat?

Evil Cat is a Rare Cat that can be unlocked by chance when beating any stage in Ritual Happiness. This unit is a variant of Zombie Cat that freezes Red enemies instead of being strong against them. True Form decreases its cost, gains Barrier Breaker and increases its chance to stop Red enemies.

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Is Kung Fu cat good?

This cat is a powerful all-around unit, useful for delivering good damage from some range. However, in Empire of Cats, Kung Fu Cat is essentially a more attack-oriented version of Titan Cat, meaning he still is good for dealing with hordes of enemies, but lacks the health to be useful against high DPS boss enemies.

How do you get a killer cat?

Killer Cat is a Rare Cat that can be unlocked when beating any stage in Day of the Cat released on February 22nd, 2017. He was added in the Version 5.8 Update and is just a palette swap of the Basic Cat without any buff or additional ability, but is more expensive to spawn.

What is the rarest cat in Minecraft?

What’s the rarest cat in Minecraft? Every cat variant has a similar chance of spawning. The rarest would be the unused gray tabby variant in the game files. Anecdotally it seems that the rarest cat would be the siamese variant.

What is the cheapest cat in Battle Cats?

Evangelist Cat is one of the cheapest Uber Rares, second to only Chicken Cat, although neither of them are released yet. It also is one of the cheapest cats amongst all.

Which crazed cat should I get first?

Requires no other Crazed Cats to really beat. Consider watching the tutorial on it. If you have any wave immune units, abaha, octo, or a high level Paris/camera do clegs first. Otherwise, do ccat.

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