Where do I find zombie majima?

Max out Rank B. Majima’s henchman contacts you and says that something has happened to Majima. Go to the green marked location and this is the introduction to Zombie Majima. After that Zombie Majima will appear randomly from time to time on the street.

Where can I find majima everywhere?

Majima can be found hidden inside trash cans. Check this spot for an example of the trash cans he hides inside. If the trash cans aren’t shaking, it’s not available yet.

Is majima a zombie?

Majima OF THE END. Kiryu gets a bizarre phone call from Nishida, an underling of Majima and he warns him of Majima who is now a zombie, and that he should stop him because he’s the only one who can.

How do you get majima to spawn?

Just look at the master map (you’ll be looking for the number 7 location) and enter and exit buildings nearby until you’ve gotten a dude to approach you. Don’t enter buildings too close because it seems like Majima generally doesn’t spawn directly at a location you’ve entered from.

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How do I find an officer in majima?


  1. I found him while walking along the main street in front of millennium tower but have seen him in the hotel district. User Info: RakdosTMT.
  2. Oh except the mad dog type.
  3. As far as I know the only Officer Majima fight comes after the message to meet him in front of the towers.
  4. I found him once by the batting cage.

How do you trigger majima from above?

How to unlock the Majima From Above achievement. For this you need to enter and leave from a nearby building near the locations specified below, and once you get the alert, approach the area indicated. Outside Beam. On Pink Street, midway between the southern gate and Shine.

What does majima say in majima everywhere?

One is “omoroi na!” or “interesting!” The other is, I believe, “ama amai ya!” Which can be translated to something like “super soft!” Amai being sweet/soft, and ama being the super part – I’m still learning so I fully accept corrections BUT he also says it in the cut scene when you meet him behind Serena and stop him

Does majima kill Makoto?

By the beginning of the seventh chapter, Majima has managed to secure Makoto a safe-house in the form of a storage shed owned by the manager of Odyssey. Majima confesses that he was sent to kill Makoto, though he still isn’t entirely sure why that may be.

Who’s stronger Kiryu or majima?

Nah. Kiryu is stronger, no question. He beated Majima in Yakuza 1/Kiwami twice. Even if Majima was longer in yakuza world back in 0 (1988) he didn’t develop much since then, since he got beaten by Kiryu twice in 2005 even though Kiryu was in jail for 10 years, so yeah..

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Can I fight zombie majima again?

You’ll have to defeat Zombie Majima, a few of his minions, Majima again and repeat. I’ve done that one.

Should I play Yakuza 0 First?

Start with Yakuza 0. Normally you’d want to play the first game in a series before tackling its prequel, but Yakuza is different. 0 is set decades before Yakuza, in bubble-era ’80s Japan, and it’s widely considered to be one of the best in the series.

When should I play Yakuza Dead Souls?

Dead Souls heavily references the events of 2, and one of the protagonists was introduced in 4. 4 has recaps of 1-3, so if you don’t feel like playing 2, you don’t have to, but you shouldn’t play Dead Souls until after 4.

Why does majima call Kiryu Chan?

The use of “- chan ” indicates closeness and suggests to us that Majima is very fond of Kiryu. They have a unique type of “bromance” about them in their relationship, whereby Majima is very fond of Kiryu and Kiryu has great respect for Majima.

Is Goro Majima dead?

Trouble seems to follow the hardboiled Taiga Saejima wherever he goes. In Yakuza 5, he finds himself back in prison to start his journey. Several new characters are introduced to the Saejima saga.

Has majima killed anyone?

Majima has never once killed a person in his life – YouTube.

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