How do you kill the giant zombie in Call of Duty infinite warfare?

The key, as with most zombies, is to shoot him in the head. However, his head is currently covered by a giant alien mask. You need to get him to take this off, which he will do if you hit him enough in the helmet. Do enough damage and he’ll start to take off the helmet.

Can you beat infinite warfare zombies?

The easiest way to do this is by letting zombies tear down window barriers so they can be rebuilt. Eventually, this will stop generating cash, and so it will be time to kill zombies and move on to the next round. When killing zombies in the first few rounds, shoot them about five to six times with the starting handgun.

What is the best gun in Call of Duty infinite warfare zombies?

Much like other weapons, the M1 Grand becomes much more valuable once it’s Pack-a-Punched. The M1 Grand will become the T-Money after its first Pack-a-Punch, which grants a massive increase in ammunition as well as the increased fire spread and hip-fire accuracy that will automatically hit zombies.

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Is there pack a punch in infinite warfare zombies?

You have to go through each of the four portals, which will activate the main portal in the middle of the park. Then you are able to step through this portal, where you will find the Pack a Punch.

How do you kill a CROG Brute?

Crog Brutes are super tough and will blind you with their light. They can burrow underground and sneak up behind you. To take them down easily you must shoot them in the back. These will start spawning around Scene 10, then they will spawn every 5 to 6 scenes.

Is infinite warfare zombies free?

Join the Free Trial Play the Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Free Trial to experience Multiplayer (Level Cap 15), Zombies (Level Cap 3), and Campaign (Rising Threat & Black Sky).

Does zombies in Spaceland have a wonder weapon?

As has been tradition for Zombies maps, Zombies in Spaceland in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare features powerful Wonder Weapons that players can unlock to help turn the tide against the undead hordes.

How do you double pack a punch in Spaceland?

The absolute best way to double pack a punch is to complete all the easter eggs and unlock director’s cut mode. This allows you to have double pap accessible without having to complete the easter egg that game.

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