How do you stop Nightsister zombies?

Just fracture zombie, get Daka to low health and use execute or death trooper special to kill her and she’ll stay dead. zombie will sacrifice themself two times to revive another NS. Fracture zombie and continue to kill daka and then finish off the rest.

How does Nightsister Zombie work?

Nightsister Zombie can revive after being defeated at -100% Speed from Endless Horde. While a Nightsister ally is active, the first 2 times another Nightsister ally is defeated by an enemy attack, they are revived, recover 100% of Nightsister Zombie’s Max Health and Nightsister Zombie is defeated.

How do you counter Padme Swgoh?

There are already a lot of ways to beat Padme.

  1. JKR: direct focus on JKA. Then kill him with single target. The team will fall down after that.
  2. Triumvirate +Thrawn. Need to be faster than Padme. Fracture and/or isolate her, then kill everyone with Nihilus.
  3. GG. Can be a tricky fight, but B2 is key to dispell them.

How many times does Nightsister zombie revive?

zombie can sacrifice herself to revive another nightsister 2 times per match. As long there is a nightsister on the field (excluding herself) NZ will revive. Kill two other nightsisters to deactivate her sacrifice effect. Zombie’s mechanics are that it will revive the first two NS allies killed by a direct attack.

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How old is Daka?

Patson Daka Statistics and Player Profile

Full namePatson Daka
Age 22 (DOB: 09/10/1998) Country Zambia
Height 183cm Weight 71kg
Squad no20 Date signed23/08/2017

Are all the Nightsisters dead?

Ventress later returned to her people after being betrayed by Count Dooku, seeking their help for revenge against her former master. Grievous then destroyed their fortress and killed off the majority of the Nightsisters during the battle, with Ventress, Talzin,Merrin,Yenna,Jerserra, and Shelish being the few survivors.

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