How do you unlock Dempsey in blackout?

This may be difficult if you aren’t familiar with using them, but grenades are a pretty common item to find in Blackout. Cluster grenades or frag grenades will do the trick. So long as you get one grenade kill and have the bottle in your inventory when you finish the match you will unlock Dempsey in Blackout.

What is the easiest character to unlock in blackout?

Ajax. Collect 3 Destroyed Armour Plating items and finish the match with them in your inventory. This is by far the easiest Blackout character skin to unlock as you can kill the required enemies any way you want and you don’t have to worry about finishing in the top few teams.

How do I unlock Woods in blackout?

To unlock Woods in Blackout, players not only need to get in a helicopter in the match, but they also have to win the match. Winning in Blackout will be a relatively rare occurrence for most players, meaning that unlocking Woods is going to be one of the most challenging characters to unlock in the game.

Where is the graveyard in blackout?

Graveyard. Located just South-East of the Asylum, players can find another zombie spawn location within a small graveyard.

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Who is Nikolai Cod?

Nikolai is the code name of a former soldier of the Russian Army. Accused but never officially proven of being an informant against Ultranationalists, Nikolai was an intelligence asset to MI6 and a confidential source of the British SAS.

How do I get the Russian tanker hat in blackout?

In order to open the door, the player must find a Cymbal Monkey and throw it at the locked door, causing the monkey to activate and explode, breaking open the door and revealing the hat. When the player obtains the item, they will start the Character Mission to unlock Nikolai.

How do you unlock the replacer in blackout?

Currently, the only way to unlock The Replacer is to purchase the new Replacer Bundle for 1100 CoD Points ( ~ $10 USD) in the Black Market.

How do you unlock Scarlett in blackout?

To unlock IX Scarlett a player would need to farm up Zombies until one of them drops the Steel Brace mission item. Once located, the player simply needs to open a Supply Drop and finish the game with the mission item still in the inventory.

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