What size Nock do I need?

What Size Do You Need?

FOB Size Arrow ID Arrow Nock Size
Standard 0.244 – 0.246 inch (6.2mm) S OR GT
H-AXIS 0.231 – 0.236 inch (6mm) H OR H.E.
X-AXIS 0.198 – 0.205 inch (5mm) X OR A
MICRO 0.164 – 0.166 inch (4mm) G OR F

What size nocks for piledriver bolts?

Fletched with 4″ vanes. Lighted moon nocks. Size: 20″

What size Nockturnal for victory VAP?

Nockturnal -G Lighted Archery Nocks for Arrows with. 165 Inside Diameter Including Victory VAP, Easton Acc, G-UNI and More.

What lighted nocks fit Carbon Express?

Helios S fits Carbon Express, Beman ICS, Easton, PSE, Victory, CT, Carbon Impact.

What color lighted nock is best?

A green lighted nock color literally serves as the best choice for nearly every season except the spring green up. The color in its place during this time of year by far, also one of the most popular colors besides green, is red.

Are pin nocks more accurate?

There absolutely can be an accuracy difference in nocks. A hooter shooter will show it. Hint, if you’re pushing weight (400+) with speed (275+). You don’t want a little nock like a g- nock and you want to be cautious with any small pin nock.

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Are all arrow nocks the same size?

With pressfit nocks, it’s critical to know what shaft you’re shooting, since not all shafts have the same inside diameter. Naturally, all arrow manufacturers make nocks to fit their arrows. Aftermarket pressfit nocks bear the common sizes G, F, X, A, H, S and GT. 166inch inside diameter.

What is the inside diameter of PileDriver crossbow bolts?

Carbon Express PileDriver Shafts: Inside and Outside Diameters. All of the PileDriver shafts tested had an exact inside diameter of 0.243″.

Who makes blackout lighted nocks?

I bought 2 packs today of the Blackout lighted nocks because of the good deal. These BP brand nocks are made by Lumnanock for BP’S private label according to the sales associate at BP.

Who Makes Gold Tip arrows?

Gold Tip and Bee Stinger are brands of Vista Outdoor Inc., a worldwide leader in outdoor sports and recreation. Manufacturers of carbon arrows, shafts, crossbow bolts and archery stabilizers, they are two of the most recognizable and trusted archery brands on the tournament trail and in hunting.

What is a micro diameter arrow?

A micro – diameter carbon shaft has a surface area approximately half that of larger- diameter shafts. The smaller surface area of the thin shaft vastly reduces the resistance (friction) as the arrow slips into the target.

Who makes Nockturnal?

Nockturnal ® Lighted Nocks is the leading designer and manufacturer of lighted nocks for arrows and crossbow bolts. Nockturnal’s unique, patented, string-activated, linear switch with piston-driven assembly ensures activation of the LED bulb every time.

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Can you replace batteries in Nockturnal lighted nocks?

Lumenok replacement batteries can be used to repower your Lumenok Crossbow nocks.

What is the lightest lighted nock?

When it comes to lighted nocks, the lighter the better. At just over 20 grains, the Carbon Express lighted nock was among the lightest of the group tested.

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