What are the zombies in spider the artist?

One of the quotes that I found intriguing was, “The government came up with the idea to create the Zombies, and Shell, Chevron and a few other oil companies (who were just as desperate) supplied the money to pay for it all.” The zombies were creations that were killing the people trying to break into the oil pipeline

What is Spider the artist summary?

Spider the Artist (reprint Lightspeed Magazine, 2011) “In ‘ Spider the Artist,’ Nnedi Okorafor takes us to Nigeria of the future, where Big Oil protects the pipelines with spider -like AIs known as zombies, and tells the tale of a woman who faces down one of the murderous machines armed only with a guitar.”

What is the theme of Spider the artist?

Theme. The theme of the story is that technology isn’t always good or that it could turn its back on humans and wipe us all out. Another possible theme is that what goes around comes around or karma always comes back around.

Where does spider the artist take place?

“ Spider the Artist ” by Nnedi Okorafor is a beautiful sci-fi short story about a woman in Nigeria who forms a friendship with an AI robot. Oil companies created the robot as part of an army guarding the pipelines running through the region from the locals.

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What is the conflict in spider the artist?

It’s a story about the Niger Delta conflict, domestic violence, and Anansi Droids 419 who decide to weave their own destinies some reviewers have called it a love story, too, heh. It remains one of my favorite short stories.

Who is the main character in Spider the artist?

In my language, it means “ spider the artist.” According to legend, Udide Okwanka is the Supreme Artist. And she lives underground where she takes fragments of things and changes them into something else.

What is Africanfuturism?

Africanfuturism is concerned with visions of the future, is interested in technology, leaves the earth, skews optimistic, is centered on and predominantly written by people of African descent (black people) and it is rooted first and foremost in Africa.

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