What did Zombie whisper to Jesus?

We got a climactic showdown in a foggy graveyard in the middle of the night, a major character death and a new foe finally revealing itself. This shockingly spry zombie then whispers to Jesus as he dies: “You are where you do not belong.”

Did a zombie kill Jesus?

On Sunday’s midseason finale, Jesus died during a rescue mission to save Eugene—after a walker revealed itself to be a human in zombie skin, and stabbed him.

What did the Walker say to Jesus?

“You’re where you’re not supposed to be,” he whispers in the dying Jesus ‘ ear, mere moments before he himself is killed and subsequently unmasked.

What are the whispering walkers?

The Whisperers are not talking walkers at all, but rather a group of survivors led by Alpha (played by Samantha Morton) and Beta (played by Ryan Hurst), who wear the skins of walkers in order to pass among the dead and lead herds of walkers who they use as both camouflage and weapons.

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Why did they kill off Jesus?

In the case of Tom Payne’s character, Jesus, it was a mix of both (sort of). As the actor noted in a 2018 interview with ComicBook.com, Jesus ‘ series exit was essentially one of Payne’s own making, after he voiced frustration that not enough characters were dying in the ongoing war with The Saviors.

Why did Maggie leave the walking dead?

Maggie left The Walking Dead back in Season 9 before the big time jump. Lauren Cohan, the actress who plays Maggie, originally left The Walking Dead over a combination of rumored salary disputes and the fact that she was cast in the ABC series Whiskey Cavalier, which was canceled after just one season.

Does Daryl’s dog die?

Negan notices that Judith is upset and she explains that Daryl asked her to watch Dog for him while he moved the Kingdom to the Hilltop. However, Dog has disappeared. As a group moves to Aaron’s house for shelter from a blinding blizzard, Judith hears Dog barking and rushes off after him.

Why don’t they call them zombies on The Walking Dead?

The word “zombie” is never used because the creators wanted the story to take place in a universe where the concept of living dead never existed. In the TV show, “zombie” is never said, but in the original comics, the word is uttered a few times.

Who was the Whisperer that killed Jesus?

Jesus was killed in the midseason finale of season nine by an unknown member of the Whisperers who will become the main antagonists going forward in the television series. Paul ” Jesus ” Monroe.

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Paul ” Jesus ” Rovia
Significant others Aaron Comic: Alex


Can the Walkers talk on walking dead?

The short answer is no, walkers can ‘t talk in The Walking Dead universe and they haven’t suddenly gotten stronger. What you’re seeing in this episode is very different. In fact, these aren’t zombies at all, but a different scenario entirely called The Whisperers.

Do the walkers start talking?

They were introduced in issue No. 130 of the comic series in 2014. Their introduction came as a complete surprise because a character thinks he hears the zombies talking, only for it later to be revealed to be a living person in a zombie skin. They’re led by characters who refer to themselves as Alpha and Beta.

Why can the whisperers walk with the dead?

They control the walkers by taking advantage of their herding instincts. They’ve learned how to guide packs of walkers around almost like sheepdogs herding sheep. Carefully coordinated movements among the disguised Whisperers cause the real walkers to follow along.

Why did Negan kill Alpha?

Negan killed Alpha for Carol — a twist on what happens in the comics. In the comics, Negan sets out on his own to kill Alpha to prove himself to Rick. He delivers Alpha’s head to an injured Rick in issue No. 157, knowing that Rick never would have been able to kill the Whisperer leader on his own.

Why do the whisperers not get eaten?

If enough of these other cues are manipulated, scent isn’t enough to make them see food. So, even if the Whisperers stink like unwashed, sweaty humans, that smell is also mixed in with dirt and walker scents from wearing their clothes and being around them so much.

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