What kills the Gargantuar zombie?

Hitting a Gargantuar with a Squash, followed by a Jalapeno kills him fast, and prevents the Imp from doing serious damage. A charged Potato Mine will deal damage to the Gargantuar when he crushes it.

How do you beat Day 25 in ancient Egypt?

In lanes where you are about to lose, place several plants there, so the Zombot Sphinx-inator will kill the zombies with a charge attack. Always try to stall dangerous zombies, such as Explorer Zombies, Pharaoh Zombies, and Mummified Gargantuars. Use Iceberg Lettuces, Wall-nuts, or both to your advantage to stop them.

How do you beat Day 24 in ancient Egypt?

Use Iceberg Lettuces to freeze Pharaoh Zombies or Buckethead Zombies. You can also use a Potato Mine to defeat these zombies. You can save sun to replace eaten or damaged Wall-nuts. In the final wave, use Plant Food on an Iceberg Lettuce twice, so you can defeat all of the zombies easily.

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How do you beat the bug zombie?

The Kernel-pult’s butter can destroy the bug instantly, while using Blover or Hurrikale will kill both the zombie and the bug, just like all other flying zombies. Additionally, Tall-nut and Infi-nut’s shield can stop it from moving.

Can Chomper eat Gargantuar?

Chompers cannot eat a full Gargantuar, instead deals 40 damage(aka 2 peas) for every chomp.

How many peas does it take to kill a zombie?

Peashooter Zombie is weaker than a Peashooter because the Peashooter Zombie takes 10 peas, while the Peashooter takes 16 peas to destroy.

What is the last level of pvz2?

Dark Ages – Night 15, Frostbite Caves – Day 12, Frostbite Caves – Day 28, and Neon Mixtape Tour – Day 13 are the only Last Stand levels in the international version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 that gives the player extra Plant Food during the gameplay.

How do you beat Zomboss in pvz2?

Zomboss to defeat him quicker. Do not plant Melon-pults on the first column. Instead, plant Cabbage-pults there. This will prevent you from losing the Melon-pults to the Catapult Zombie’s basketballs.

How do you beat DR Zomboss in pvz2?

Consistently plant Blover and get Tile Turnip on Bowling Bulbs. Use plant food on Tile Turnip. Planting Squash or Blover in front of the Zomboss will prevent him from running over your plants. That worked really well.

How do you beat Wild West Day 24?

If you use Plant Food with this strategy, this level is easily beaten by feeding it to Iceberg Lettuces to freeze all the enemies so that they can be obliterated by recharged Coconut Cannons and Lightning Reeds (particularly Zombie Bulls), as well as buff the endangered Wall-nuts.

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How do you beat Plants vs Zombies 2 pirate sea Day 24?

Strategy 1

  1. Required plants:
  2. Two columns of Twin Sunflowers are essential.
  3. Use Potato Mines and Iceberg Lettuces for the first stage.
  4. Try to plant one Coconut Cannon to kill the Seagull Zombies.
  5. When Pirate Captain Zombies appear, quickly be ready to tap on the Coconut Cannons to kill the Zombie Parrots.

What is the weakness of a zombie?

Consensus zombies have only one weak spot: The brain. You must attack the brain. There is no other way to bring them down. Editors must load their weapons with the best ammunition they can find and fire as quickly and accurately as they can, directly towards the brain of the consensus zombie.

How do you kill the zombie catapult?

If a Catapult Zombie’s vehicle is not destroyed by a Spikeweed or Spikerock, players could use an Umbrella Leaf to counter the basketballs and prevent them from harming player’s plants in the back. If players want, they can also place a Wall-nut or Tall-nut in the back row of the column the Catapult Zombie is in.

What is the zombie bug?

These insects, dubbed ” zombie cicadas,” are under the influence of Massospora, a psychedelic fungus which contains chemicals such as those found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, according to a new study published by PLOS Pathogens. First Massospora spores eat away at the cicada’s genitals, butt, and abdomen.

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