What can you build in buried zombies?

Trample Steam, Turbine, Head Chopper and Subsurface Resonator, this are all build -ables on this map ( COD BO2 Buried Buildables ). Turbine and Subsurface Resonator are commonly use on the main easter egg both sides ( Richtofen and Maxis ).

How many workbenches are in buried?

With there being four different buildables in Buried, there are of course four different work benches scattered around the town to build each item.

Where is buried located bo2?

Location. Western Town from U.S.A Tectonic Shifts moved it to Namibe, Angola, Africa.

What does the guillotine do buried?

The Guillotine is a buildable item, featured in the zombies map Buried. It is a needed for part of Richtofen’s side of the Mined Games easter egg. Richtofen requests the Green Run group to build the Guillotine, and power it up with 6 wisps.

Do you need 4 players for buried Easter egg?

Four players are also required for each side’s full completion, although steps 1-5 (Richtofen) and steps 1-6 (Maxis) can be done solo. Alternatively, the Endgame present on Buried also will reset all Easter Egg progress across all three maps, allowing players to redo them freely.

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What does the Jet Gun do in TranZit?

The Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 is a new buildable Wonder Weapon that first appears in the Zombie exploration mode TranZit. Also called the Jet Gun, it is made out of a jet turbine, spool of wire, a gauge and a motorcycle handbrake. It works by sucking zombies towards it and then gibbing them in its rotors.

How do you do the super Easter Egg in Black Ops 2?

What is the Black Ops 2 Easter Egg? You need 4 people to finish the super Easter egg. They do not have to be the same 4 people you just have to make sure they are doing the same side as you (Richtofen or Maxis) and for the final part you have to make sure all of you have every Easter egg done and every navcard done.

Who is Arthur in buried?

Arthur, also known as The Giant (as referred by Samuel Stuhlinger once) and referred to in the games files as Sloth, is a friendly non-playable character in the Zombies map Buried. He will help the player if he is provided with the right items.

Where is double tap in buried?

Double Tap is located on the bottom floor in the room next to the entryway. A Teddy Bear for the Teddy Bear Song can be found in the same room as Double Tap.

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