What is the opposite of unholy?

Antonyms for unholy inculpable, not guilty, right, blameless, innocent.

What is the opposite of a demon?

▲ Opposite of an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell. angel. god. seraph.

What is the opposite of grim?

grim. Antonyms: mild, docile, attractive, placid, benign. Synonyms: fierce, ferocious, terrible, hideous, ugly, ghastly, sullen, stern.

What is another word for zombie?

Alternate Synonyms for “zombie “: zombi; living dead; dead person; dead soul; deceased person; deceased; decedent; departed.

What is unholy?

1: showing disregard for what is holy: wicked. 2: deserving of censure an unholy alliance. 3: very unpleasant: god-awful an unholy mess.

What does sinful mean?

1: tainted with, marked by, or full of sin: wicked. 2: such as to make one feel guilty a sinful chocolate cake. Other Words from sinful Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About sinful.

What is similar to demons?

Synonyms & Antonyms of demon

  • cacodemon,
  • devil,
  • fiend,
  • ghost,
  • ghoul,
  • ghoulie,
  • imp,
  • shaitan.
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What is demon language?

Enochian. According to author Adam Grogitsky, in his book “Demonology,” both angels and demons speak Enchorian. Demons also have a language called “Dimoori Sheol” (the language of the damned).

Who is the Japanese devil?

The akuma (悪魔) is a malevolent fire spirit in Japanese folklore. It is also described as a category of undefined beings who brought afflictions on humans. Alternative names for the akuma is ma (ま). It is often translated to devil in English, or demon.

Is the grim reaper death?

The Grim Reaper is a spectral entity that is believed to be a manifestation of death. The Reaper is not tasked to kill mortals, but merely ferry their souls to the afterlife.

What is the most opposite word for grim?

What is the opposite word for Grim?

  • lighthearted. grim and lighthearted.
  • soothing. grim and soothing.
  • mellow. grim and mellow.
  • bland. grim and bland.
  • amiable. grim and amiable.
  • easy. grim and easy.
  • good. grim and good.
  • nice. grim and nice.

What is a grim?

1: fierce in disposition or action: savage grim wolves. 2a: stern or forbidding in action or appearance a grim taskmaster. b: somber, gloomy grim news of the disaster. 3: ghastly, repellent, or sinister in character a grim tale.

What is Zombie slang for?

Slang. a. a person considered to be like a zombie in listlessness, mechanical behavior, etc. b. a weird, eccentric, or unattractive person.

Is Ghost a undead?

Ghosts are a common form of the undead.

What are the symptoms of a zombie virus?

The symptoms of humans turning into zombies as a result of mad cow include seizures and jerking muscles, delusions and hallucinations, and lack of coordination in physical movement.

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