Who voiced the zombies in l4d2?

Ellis’ facial features are based on Jesy McKinney and he is voiced by Eric Ladin.

Why does the Hunter scream?

The Hunter, crouched and ready to pounce a Survivor. Fast and agile, this Special Infected will growl and scream to inform you of his presence. The Hunter is often used as a distraction by both AI and human Infected.

Are l4d zombies dead?

The Infected (sometimes referred to simply as Zombies by the survivors) are Left 4 Dead ‘s take on the classic movie and pop-fiction zombie.

What caused the zombies in Left 4 Dead 2?

The Green Flu, commonly referred to as The Infection was the name given to an unknown virus that converted most humans who came into contact with it into homicidal and zombie -like beings known as the Infected. Graffiti reading “Not a Flu” can be found throughout Left 4 Dead 2, meaning that the deception failed.

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Who voiced coach in left for dead?

Cast (in credits order)

Chad L. Coleman Coach ( voice )
Hugh Dillon Nick ( voice )
Eric Ladin Ellis ( voice )
Rochelle Aytes Rochelle ( voice )
Fred Tatasciore Infected / Tank / Boomer ( voice )


How old is Bill from l4d?

Background. Bill is the oldest survivor of Left 4 Dead. Bill fought in active combat during the Vietnam War with the Green Berets. Bill is the oldest, theorized to be in his 60s due to his involvement in Vietnam, of the original Survivor team and appears to hold a strong presence as the group leader.

How old is Ellis in l4d2?

Ellis. Ellis is a twenty-three-year- old mechanic hailing from Savannah, similar to Coach.

What are the special infected in Left 4 Dead?

The Special Infected are the mutated variants of Infected. Through some unknown mechanism of the Green Flu, a small percentage of Infected humans will undergo a dramatic mutation, eventually turning into one of these Special Infected, each with their own unique inhuman abilities.

What is the witch in Left 4 Dead?

The Witch is a Special Infected that is not initially hostile and is always found in a dormant sitting or slow walking state. However, if startled or attacked, she can instantly incapacitate, or even kill, a player. She is also the only non-playable Special Infected.

Why was Left 4 Dead 3 Cancelled?

A more recent rumor claimed that Left 4 Dead 3 and Half-Life 3 were both cancelled due to Valve’s supposed focus on “cosmetic microtransactions”. The developer claimed that there was a small group in the company working on L4D 3, but the game was cancelled shortly after he came on board.

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How much was L4D2 on release?

Though initially planned to be released sometime in March 2010, “The Passing” was released on April 22, 2010. The content costs 560 Microsoft Points ($6.99) for the Xbox 360 and is free for PC and Mac users.

Is left for dead on PS4?

It is rumoured that Left 4 Dead 3 will be a cross-platform launch, arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC simultaneously for zombie-slaying fun all round.

What is the strongest zombie in Left 4 Dead?

10 Deadliest Horror Movie Zombies, Ranked

  1. 1 28 DAYS LATER.
  2. 2 WORLD WAR Z.
  6. 6 DEAD SNOW.

How many zombies have been killed in l4d2?

Yes, you read that ludicrous number correctly. 28,981,249,043 zombies have been shot, battered, exploded and otherwise massacred since Left 4 Dead 2 launched last November. If you’re not very good at numbers, that’s over 28 billion zombies.

What is the rage virus in 28 Days Later?

The Rage Virus (also known as the Infection or RV for short) is a fictional disease in the 2002 film 28 Days Later, and in the 2007 film 28 Weeks Later. It also appears in the graphic novel 28 Days Later: The Aftermath. It is a virulent, bloodborne virus that sends its hosts into fits of extreme uncontrollable rage.

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