Do they say zombie in The Walking Dead comics?

The word ” zombie ” actually appears in the Walking Dead comics. Though the Walking Dead team has gone out of their way to avoid using ” zombie ” on the series, the word has popped up a few times within the comic series. It’s in this exchange that the word ” zombie ” is used. “You’re going to have to,” Glenn says to Rick.

When did the zombie apocalypse start in the walking dead?

It is most likely the zombie outbreak started in 2010.

Did 28 days later inspire the walking dead?

The beginning of The Walking Dead might’ve brought on a sense of déjà vu for fans of 28 Days Later. The first issue of The Walking Dead was published in October 2003, with 28 Days Later arriving almost a full year before in November 2002, making the case The Walking Dead’s to answer.

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Who was the first zombie in The Walking Dead?

After 100 episodes and a bullet to the head from Rick Grimes, Summer has made her return. Addy Miller, who played the first ever zombie killed on “ Walking Dead,” was secretly brought back for the Season 8 premiere to appear in a scene that paid homage to her original opening sequence with Lincoln.

Why do zombies not eat each other?

Zombies know not to eat each other because they only eat living human flesh. Once infected and full zombification has taken place, the zombie is no longer alive, so its flesh is not palatable to other zombies.

Why do they not say zombie in The Walking Dead?

Why The Walking Dead Really Doesn’t Use The Word ” Zombie ” According to Robert Kirkman, the reason the word ” zombie ” is never said by anyone in The Walking Dead universe is that both the comic book and the TV shows it spawned take place in a world where zombie pop culture was never a thing.

How is the walking dead and fear the walking dead connected?

Fear the Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson for AMC. It is a spin-off to The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.

What is the walking dead virus called?

“TS-19” was directed by Guy Ferland and written by Frank Darabont and Adam Fierro. Actor Noah Emmerich made a guest appearance on the show, portraying the character of Edwin Jenner, one of the few remaining medical personnel dedicated to eradicating the virus.

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How scary is 28 days later?

Parents need to know that 28 Days Later is very scary and deeply disturbing. It has extreme and graphic peril and violence. Many characters are killed. Characters use very strong language.

What is the 100th episode of TWD?

” Mercy ” is the eighth season premiere of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead, which aired on AMC on October 22, 2017. The episode was written by Scott M. Gimple and directed by Greg Nicotero, and serves as the 100th episode overall of the series.

How did the zombie apocalypse start in Z Nation?

Z Nation begins three years into a zombie apocalypse caused by a virus that has already killed most humans. He is the only known survivor of a zombie bite who did not turn into a zombie, and his blood contains antibodies that are mankind’s last and best hope for a vaccine.

Who was the girl Rick killed in Episode 1?

The Walking Dead: Torn Apart is a six- part web series based on the television series The Walking Dead. It aired in its entirety on October 3, 2011, on AMC’s official website. The web series tells the origin story of Hannah, also known as “Bicycle Girl “, the walker whom Rick Grimes killed in the first episode.

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