Can you revivify a zombie?

No, RAW the Zombie is a separate creature from the PC that died. Revivify doesn’t change the creature type, upon becoming a zombie its creature type changed to undead so it remains an undead creature even if you revive it.

Are Wights undead 5e?

Wights are intelligent undead humanoids that resemble armed and armored corpses. They never tire in pursuit of their goal of making eternal war against the living.

Can you raise dead on undead?

Raise dead has no effect on undead. But revivify revives any type of creature.

Can you play as a zombie in DND?

Yes, but maybe not like you think. In Dungeons & Dragons, zombies are not contagious and being bitten by one does not turn you into a zombie. This is why you do not see anything in the Monster Manual about players being turned into zombies. Zombies are created primarily through use of the Animate Dead spell.

Can you cure undead DND?

You touch a creature that has been dead for no longer than 200 years and that died for any reason except old age. If the creature’s soul is free and willing, the creature is restored to life with all its hit points.

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Can you resurrect a vampire DND?

Yes. Spells like Resurrection and True Resurrection could restore a vampire to their mortal form. The vampire may have to succeed at a saving throw if the vampire is unwilling to be restored. Even willing vampires would still require a saving throw for a few spells.

Is a wight a zombie?

Wights are reanimated corpses who are under the control of the White Walkers. The White Walkers (who are made from live creatures) are far more sentient than wights, who hew far closer to the technical definition of zombies. But neither group is particularly human.

Do Wights have souls?

Guest. Lich’s explicitly have souls, they’re trapped in the phylactery.

What does Wight mean?

(Entry 1 of 2): a living being: creature especially: a human being.

Can bards raise dead?

A 9th level bard gains ONE 5th level spell. If they choose Raise Dead, that means that they cannot use Animate Objects, Legend Lore, Seeming, or any number of useful spells.

Can clerics raise the dead?

Necromancy doesn’t mean that it’s black magic, it means that it manipulates life energy. Allow it, let her play a Cleric of the Grave or perhaps a Cleric of Death (in the DMG). Raise the Dead brings people back exactly the way they were before they died.

How do you revive a dead character in D&D?

You touch a dead creature that has been dead for no more than a century, that didn’t die of old age, and that isn’t Undead. If its soul is free and willing, the target returns to life with all its Hit Points. This spell neutralizes any Poisons and cures normal Diseases afflicting the creature when it died.

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Can zombies swim 5e?

These creatures have a speed and “movement can include jumping, climbing, and swimming.” There is nothing in their stat blocks that says they can ‘t nor is there anything specific to undead that says they can ‘t.

Can you play a skeleton in D&D?

There is no official Skeleton -like race for players. To keep it RAW you could state that all stats are exactly the same as the original race.

Can you be a skeleton in D&D?

Not counting their previous lives, skeletons can be nearly any age. Skeletons don’t age, and won’t die of old age until the magic keeping them alive collapses. Alignment. Skeletons are usually neutral, though evil or chaotic skeletons are common.

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