Who plays Natalie on iZombie?

Brooke Ashley Lyons (born November 8, 1980) is an American actress. Filmography.

Year 2015–17
Title iZombie
Role Natalie
Notes 3 episodes


Who becomes a zombie in iZombie?

As shown in the two last episodes of Season 2, if the tainted Utopium with the Max Rager energy drink, to be more concrete, with the Super Max drink, the consumer will instantly turned into a wild zombie with the only desire to eat human brains, serving as the huge hazard to all.

What disease does Isabel have iZombie?

Isobel Katherine Bloom was a recurring character of iZombie during Season 4. She is the first human known to be immune to the zombie virus and as such, her brain is a cure for the virus itself. She is currently deceased after succumbing to Freylich Syndrome.

Does Clive become a zombie?

He is the only member of the main cast who did not become a zombie at any point throughout the show’s run.

Why did Suzuki kill himself iZombie?

He realized that with Blaine’s business gone, he would have to kill innocent people for their brains himself and chose the easy way out (committing suicide ) rather than do so.

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Does Dolly durkins die in iZombie?

Clive, Ravi and Peyton all confirmed that they believed she died in the explosion, but Major didn’t. According to the trio, he had continued to dig in the wreckage of the morgue along with the group of orphans he took in.

Can Zombies have babies iZombie?

Zombies have a slower blood flow, so a human fetus wouldn’t be able to survive the pregnancy. Beyond that, I think you either have the zombie virus or you don’t, so you’re either a zombie or you’re not, and if a cure were developed a baby could be made human again even if they were born as a zombie.

Is Levon a zombie?

Hunger for Brains: Since he is a zombie, he must feed on human brains at least once a month in order to keep his humanity and survive, otherwise he becomes “dumber, meaner” and more like a proper zombie. In addition, this keeps him from attacking others in order to feed on their brains.

Can a zombie turn back into a human?

Yes! As a zombie, if you maintain full health (5 hearts) for 5 consecutive days you will fight off the zombie virus and return to your human team.

Does Clive Find out about Liv?

In the game-changing season 2 finale of iZombie, Liv (Rose McIver) finally told Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) everything there is to know about zombies — including the fact that she and Major (Robert Buckley) number in their ranks.

Is iZombie a DC show?

iZombie, originally titled I, Zombie, is a comic book series created by writer Chris Roberson and artist Michael Allred, published by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint beginning in 2010. iZombie was nominated for the 2011 Eisner Award for Best New Series.

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Does Lowell come back in iZombie?

Lowell is dead, and Liv knows why. She couldn’t go through with the assassination they’d planned, even with sniper brains coursing through her body. She backed down, Lowell stepped up, and Blaine ended him.

Does major get out of jail?

Now that he knows everything — and believes it — Clive helps destroy both cases. Major is set free.

Is Major a zombie in Season 2?

They have not perfected a cure yet, and both Blaine and Major will enter season two as non- zombies, as fully human. In the final two episodes, Major purchases shotguns and grenades out of the back of some guy’s car and proceeds to take out Blaine’s operation.

How many seasons of iZombie are there?

Although iZombie has a dedicated cult following and was well received by viewers and critics alike, its fame was nothing off the charts. It lived up to its full potential and hype through its five seasons, but there isn’t enough to guarantee a sixth one. The series was also nominated for a number of Teen Choice Awards.

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