How do you get plants in zetsubou no Shima?

Zetsubou No Shima Plant Types The first thing that you should understand is that in order to get good plants, you must water a plant once per round and do it for consecutive three rounds. If you plant a seed, add no water, and complete the round; you will get the most basic type of plant.

How does zetsubou attract zombies to plants?

with KT-4 after watering each round. This plant when grown, it will attract nearby zombies slowly killing them and taking off their heads. Must be watered 3 rounds using Purple Water each round. Purple water can be found in the body bag room in the bunker.

How do you make a zombie eat your plant?

Clear these vines by using the Skull of Nan Sapwe on them. Plant your bucket there and this will spawn three seed plant spots in the same area. You must plant a seed in each one and they will automatically grow into Zombie Killing plants. Feed them zombies unti they disappear.

How do you kill zombies that are attracted to plants?

Kill fifteen zombies attracted to a plant: For this challenge, the player has to water a planted seed three times using purple water. After that, a plant that attracts and kills zombies will grow.

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