What LVL can I enter ZF?

You must be at least level 35 to zone into this instance.

What level are the mobs in Zul Farrak?

Zul ‘ Farrak is a Sandfury troll village located in northwestern Tanaris. Remember to pack your sunscreen and get ready for a battle royale with the Sandfury trolls. The level range is 44-54 after patch 4.0. 3a.

What level is ZF Classic?

Zul’Farrak Dungeon Overview Zul’Farrak is a level 44-54 dungeon located in the northwest corner of Tanaris in Classic WoW. Due to its excellent loot tables, rewarding quests, and engaging layout, ZF is considered to be one of the most popular dungeons in the game.

When can you enter maraudon?

Maraudon is a Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic which can be accessed from Level 30.

What level should I be for uldaman?

Uldaman itself can be found in the Badlands, west of the entrance to Loch Modan. The enemy level range is 35 to 40, and the minimum level required to enter it is 30. The end boss Archaedas is level 40 and still hard, but easily defeated with a group of 37 to 38’s.

What level is maraudon?

Advised level 46-55
Minimum level 30
Player limit 5 (10)
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How do you kill Antu Sul?

There is a trick to kill him in an easier way. If you have a warlock with a voidwalker or a hunter with a pet, have the pet get into Antu ‘ sul’s cave first. He can get in the circle of aggro without triggering his attack. Have the pet attack Antu ‘ sul and then get the pet back.

How do I sell ZF runs?

Here are some rules to live by when selling runs:

  1. Don’t wait on ANYONE – Start your runs on YOUR time.
  2. Create a macro along the lines of “WTS ZF GY + Scarabs, need mount, 3g/ run, pst”.
  3. Trade gold at reset point – Tell everyone that payment will happen when you are all at the reset point in GY.

Can a level 60 solo Zul Farrak?

You cant solo any at level 60. You might be able to do certain specific bosses, but not solo entire max level instances.

How long does ZF take classic?

Zombie runs take around 25 minutes each, while a full quest run should take about an hour.

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