What happened to Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

Armageddon Bio Kard: “The former champion of Mortal Kombat and member of the White Lotus Society, Liu Kang was murdered by Shang Tsung. He now exists as a living corpse, fueled by vengeance.”

Why is Liu Kang evil now?

But when Shao Kahn’s Outworld forces invaded Earthrealm, Liu Kang split with Raiden over how to respond. During a disagreement between them, Liu Kang was accidentally killed. His soul was collected by Quan Chi, who used it to create an evil “revenant” version of Liu Kang. He now serves Quan Chi and the Netherrealm.” 3

How did Liu Kang come back as a zombie?

His body was resurrected without his spirit in Mortal Kombat: Deception. This physical half killed hundreds of innocent people, with the skills he refined to protect them while he was alive. Liu Kang retained his personality as a zombie, as he still had his trademark yells.

What is Liu Kang fighting style?

Liu Kang specializes in kicks, with his most common move being flying across the screen and connecting with a kick to the opponent’s torso.

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Who is the strongest Mortal Kombat character?

Now let’s see who has the most juice in all the realms.

  • ONAGA.
  • BLAZE.
  • THE ONE BEING. The most powerful being in Mortal Kombat is not playable in any of the games, nor has it appeared as a boss.

How old is subzero?

Sub – Zero
Series Mortal Kombat
Age 40-50
Birthday May,1970
Sex Male

Did Raiden kill Kung Lao?

When Raiden went to Netherrealm for Quan Chi’s assistance to defeat the Outworld invasion, Quan Chi sent Kung Lao along with others to kill him, but Raiden defeated them.

Is Raiden mortal now?

After her death, Raiden reveals himself to be there alongside Liu Kang, only not as Lord Raiden the thunder god as we have come to know him, but simply as Raiden the mortal. Wishing to have help in reshaping the future, Liu Kang chooses to bring with him Kitana, and the two together shift back to the Dawn of Time.

Why is Raiden red?

The biggest nod to that is how Raiden looks. His normally white eyes and lightning are now a blood red, signifying that he is evil. The process corrupted the Lightning God as he now possesses Shinnok’s amulet, and he is hateful toward Earthrealm.

Is scorpion a zombie?

Scorpion is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise by Midway Games and NetherRealm Studios. An undead ninja, he is principally defined by his quest to avenge the deaths of himself, his family, and his clan.

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Who is Liu Kang’s son?

Kung Lao appears in Mortal Kombat: Legacy as of season 2, portrayed by Mark Dacascos.

How old is Raiden?

Raiden (MGS)

Born Circa. 1983
Age 33 (2016)
Physical description
Eye colour Blue (occasionally glowed red after receiving optical implant in 2018)


What fighting style does John Wick use?

Gun fu in John Wick, as described by director Chad Stahelski, is a combination of “Japanese jiu-jitsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, tactical 3-gun, and standing Judo.” Under the watchful eye of Jonathan Eusebio, the fight coordinator for both John Wick films, Keanu Reeves took those arts (and others) and threw them into a

What fighting style does subzero use?

Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Sub – Zero
Family Noob Saibot (brother)
Origin China (Earthrealm)
Nationality Chinese
Fighting styles Shotokan (MK:DA, MK:D, MK:U, MK:A) Dragon (MK:DA, MK:D, MK:U)


Is Liu Kang human?

Liu Kang, a Human native of Earthrealm and the Champion of Mortal Kombat.

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