What suits does Tony Stark wear?

The Mark L Armor is Tony Stark ‘s fiftieth Iron Man suit. It was built after the Iron Man Armor: Mark XLVII, XLVIII and XLIX. It is used to battle Thanos along with his allies.

Can Tony Stark pee in his suit?

Yes, he can. Specifically, he can urinate. In the second part of Iron Man (2010), Tony is celebrating his birthday with almost 90% of paladium in his body and decided to celebrate like the last party of his life and put his suit for the party.

Who wore the Iron Man suit?

Pepper Potts wears more than one suit The villain Aldrich Killian wears Tony’s armor for a brief stint in the third Iron Man film, and the hero Stephen Strange unofficially dons the suit in a deleted scene for Infinity War, but the only hero who actually wears Tony’s personal armor on the silver screen is Pepper Potts.

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What is Iron Man’s newest suit?

The Mark LXXXV (Mark 85) is Tony Stark’s eighty-fifth, final and ultimate Iron Man Armor. The armor is equipped with enhanced nano-structure and is exceptionally more durable and efficient in combat than its base model the Mark L. The armor appeared in Avengers: Endgame as Tony’s current suit in 2023.

Who is the strongest Avenger?

2. Captain Marvel. A lot of you will wonder why Captain Marvel isn’t the first on this list, and we get that! Even Kevin Feige himself has stated that Captain Marvel is the strongest of the Avengers, and if we were looking at the comics, she would definitely be on top.

What suit did Tony use in the Avengers 1?

‚ÄčThe Mark VII armor is an upgraded version of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor that he utilizes at some point during his time with the Avengers. It uses a laser-scannable pattern reading system, and functions as a non-gantry armor capable of near instant application.

How does Tony pee in his suit?

In Iron Man 2 at the party Tony claims that he pees in the suit in a way akin to how spacesuits work. I accept this as making sense as he would need to do so in long battles or flights and so on. However, he is usually in the suits just wearing normal clothes of some kind.

How does Tony Stark breathe in his suit?

As the Iron Spider uses the same nano-technology that is in Tony’s suit and we’ve seen that Tony’s suit can do some amazing things, the most likely explanation is that the technology somehow also continuously provides oxygen to Peter and Tony both even on Titan.

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How does Tony go to the bathroom in his suit?

If he can do that, he can probably install a small suprapubic port that automatically connects to the suit when he’s inside of it and can drain his bladder without him needing to urinate. For #2 he probably holds it. Tony Stark answering this question in Iron Man 2. Urine and feces are processed in the thigh pads.

Who is the black Iron Man?

James Rhodes (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

James Rhodes
James Rhodes as portrayed by Terrence Howard (left) in Iron Man (2008) and Don Cheadle (right) in Iron Man 2 (2010)
First appearance Iron Man (2008)
Based on War Machine by David Michelinie John Byrne Bob Layton
Adapted by Mark Fergus Hawk Ostby Art Marcum Matt Holloway


Who became Iron Man after Tony Stark?

When Tony’s alcoholism got the better of him, Rhodey became the new Iron Man. Later, Rhodey donned a weapons-laden variation on the Iron Man suit and dubbed himself War Machine, fighting alongside Tony many times.

How many iron men were there?

In all, Iron Man has made over 8,000+ appearances during Marvel’s illustrious comic history. Here are all the people that have ever worn the suit, ranked.

Will there be an Iron Man 4?

Iron Man 4 has already been officially confirmed by the MCU. Not only this but the main character of this movie i.e. Robert Doeney Jr. aka Iron man has also confirmed himself that there will be the fourth part of Iron Man.

What is the weakest Iron Man suit?

Ironman weakest suit is Mark 2 (grey colour).

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Is Iron Man’s suit real?

Iron Man’s armor is a fictional powered exoskeleton appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and is worn by comic book superhero Tony Stark when he assumes the identity of Iron Man.

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