Is Zombie Burger a chain?

Zombie Burger, a popular Des Moines restaurant chain, will open its doors today at 108 E. Burlington St.. The food chain offers zombie -theme burgers and shakes in an undead-theme restaurant. Orchestrate Hospitality is behind various Des Moines restaurants, a few hotels, and the Zombie Burger franchise.

Does Zombie Burger come with fries?

Fries. Cheese fries, chili fries and poutine fries. Served with a side of ranch dressing. Sour cream, bacon, green onion, cheddar and cheese sauce.

Does Zombie Burger have gluten free buns?

offered gluten free burgers without the bun. be sure to look at the list because some of the burgers have gluten. I got the Dead Moines with smoked gouda, prosciutto, ham, and truffle mayo.

Is there a zombie burger in Iowa City?

The sit-down restaurant built on the first floor of a new five-story, mixed-use building on East Burlington Street in downtown Iowa City, opened in December of 2016. A Zombie Burger stand opened at the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville one month before the Iowa City location opened.

Is Zombie Burger a franchise?

We do not currently offer franchise opportunities. Does Zombie Burger donate to charitable events?

What is Zombie Burger Sauce?

The bun is made of two grilled cheese sandwiches. The burger is topped with American cheese, bacon, caramelized onion and the infamous zombie sauce. The invention of zombie sauce was definitely inspired by thousand island with a little ketchup and mayo. Sounds a little weird, but its bomb on a burger.

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