Is this a zombie Lollipop Chainsaw?

They are former humans, infected by a certain agent that is highly contagious and can spread from person to person.

Undead Douchebags
Ages: Varies
Genders: Unisex
Status: Eradicated ( Lollipop Chainsaw )

How many copies did Lollipop Chainsaw sell?

Lollipop Chainsaw has become Grasshopper Manufacture’s most successful title to date, selling more than 1 million units worldwide.

What year is Lollipop Chainsaw set in?

During 9:45 a.m. approximately at June 12, 2012, San Romero High experienced a sudden attack, when a portal between Earth and the Rotten World was suddenly open. Fumes of the Rotten World quickly seeped to that of the San Romero High School, infecting the resident students and eventually transforming them into zombies.

Will there be a Lollipop Chainsaw 2?

Lollipop Chainsaw remained Grasshopper Manufacture’s highest selling game for four years, until the release of Let It Die in 2016. Lollipop Chainsaw 2 would work in 2020 and beyond, especially considering the rise of mega, female superheroes and women in power.

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Is Lollipop Chainsaw backwards compatible?

Through the years, Xbox has done an impressive job of adding a consistent list of backward compatible titles. First up, the awesome over the top, hack-n-slash blast that was James Gunn and Masahiro Yuki’s (Suda 51) Lollipop Chainsaw on Xbox 360 from 2012.

Is Lollipop the game real?

Who started the Lollipop Zoom game? The Take This Lollipop game that’s going viral in 2020 is actually a sequel to one that existed back in 2011. The title is a reference to the 1963 song Please Little Girl, Take This Lollipop, representing a well-known warning that children should not take candy from strangers.

How do you answer the phone in Lollipop Chainsaw?

You actually don’t need to (and can’t) answer her phone. You will have to open up the menu by hitting the Start button, then going to Juliet’s Stash. Tab to the Phone icon and then listen to the message.

How do you get all the costumes in Lollipop Chainsaw?

Most of the costumes will unlock in the shop after you beat the game for your first time (difficulty doesn’t matter). The outfits modeled after family members (Rosalind’s, Cordelia’s, Dad’s, and Mom’s) require you to beat Dad’s Score in the different stages of the game.

How do you get Lollipop Chainsaw on PC?


  1. Unrar.
  2. Install the game.
  3. Open /Activation directory on your game install directory and take the registration code.
  4. Enter the registration code.
  5. Enjoy the game!
  6. Support the software developers.
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What’s the lollipop game about?

What do we all know about taking candy from strangers? Take This Lollipop 2 — known online as the Lollipop Challenge or the Zoom lollipop game — is an interactive online experience spotlighting the perils of the Internet (while giving viewers quite the fright).

How long is the lollipop game?

the link says you can complete the game in 4 hours, just like all those games listed above they can all be completed within 4 hours, so it isn’t that it’s only 4 hours, it’s that you can do it in 4hrs.

Who is the main character in Lollipop Chainsaw?

Juliet Starling is the main character of the game Lollipop Chainsaw.

Is Lollipop Chainsaw available on Xbox one?

Lollipop Chainsaw sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide and with over $35,000,000 in sales in 2012. Please make Lollipop Chainsaw backwards compatible so myself and many others can enjoy this zombie theme game on the XBOX ONE consoles.

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