How do you turn on the power on a die machine?

Once inside the Particle Accelerator room, look for the Power icon and navigate the area. Once you reach the small room, unlock the door for 1,750 points and interact with the Red button to turn on the power.

Where is the power in zombies?

Go into the Aether Reactor room and activate the reactor in the centre to turn on local power. This’ll cost you 500 points. Kill zombies and protect the collection units to get the power turned on in the area – you’ll have a bar showing your progress on the left hand side of the screen.

Where is the power switch on Cold War zombies?

The power button is in the room in the image above. It has a door on each side, either which can be opened for $1750. Once you’ve opened the door you will have access to the power button which can be pressed to activate the power at no charge.

What to do after you turn on the power in Cold War zombies?

After you ‘ve turned on the power, you ‘ll get two new waypoints that require you to turn on a set of Terminals. They’re close by, so interact with them and you ‘ll be able to move onto the next goal.

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How do I turn the power on in Black Ops Zombies 5?

You will need to spend like 1750 to clear the blockade, and 250 to use the elevator on the first floor and then 2000 to clear the debris in the war room and 250 to use the elevator, and finally reach the basement. You will have enough points going into round five to activate the power switch.

What Black Ops has moon?

Moon is the last zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops. It takes place at Area 51 (Groom Lake) and allows you to teleport to a base on the moon. Actually, most of the map is on the base. The start of the game has you at Hangar 18 in Groom Lake.

Is there an Easter egg on Shi No Numa?

Shi No Numa | All Easter Eggs Guide. There are lots of Easter eggs and mini-quests you can complete by interacting with objects around the Shi No Numa map — you can earn bonus power-ups, unlock secret areas of the map, and generally explore lots of secrets.

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