How do you survive a zombie horde in the last day on Earth?

Set up traps Make sure you know how to collect large amounts of rope. Wrap your base in spike traps if possible, this will at least prevent most of the damage and kill the zombies before they can break down your walls. Be careful though, your own spike traps can damage you for 10HP per hit if you’re too close!

How long does a horde last in last day on Earth?

Description. The Horde is an invasion event that occurs every 24 hours and spawn from the Infected Forest on the global map. A large group of “Crowd Zombies” spawns on your property and walks from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Can zombies break stone walls in last day on Earth?

Damage. Level 1 walls break upon contact with zombies, while players and AI can break L1 walls with stone Hatchets. Level 4 walls cannot be damaged until the Metal Cutter is added to the game.

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Can you kill dealer Joe?

Trivia. Just like Specialist, it has 1,000 Armor. But unlike him, it can ‘t be killed.

What does doormat do in last day on Earth?

Description. The Doormat changes your spawn location when you “enter” your base. No longer do you appear at the edge of your base map, but wherever you placed the Doormat.

How do horde stop zombies?

To prevent the horde invasion you have to kill the witch that lives in the Infected forest, so that nobody could summon zombies. Until a new witch settles down in the forest, the horde will not appear. However, that will not stop the mob of zombies that has already advanced towards your base.

How do you get a witches head in Ldoe?


  1. After killing the Witch in Infected Forest.
  2. Raiding other player bases (Extremely Rare, or even can said impossible)

Can your base get raided in last day on Earth?

As of update Beta v. 1.7, a new raiding system was added, enabling the player to invade another player’s base. The Raiders’ station will first appear on the CB Radio five days after you build and place it.

Where are oak trees last day on Earth?

Oak Trees can be found in the Oak Clearing event as well as the Oak Bushes and Oak Grove in the North. A limited number of oak trees (one to three) can also be found in the red Pine Wood zone (as of Beta v. 1.6), as well as a one-time set of five oak trees at the northern Watchtower.

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Do you need walls in last day on Earth?

Other players can break level 2 walls with iron hatchets. Level 3 walls deal 100 damage to zombies and are currently indestructible by hordes, however they can be broken with C4. Crafting:

Level Materials Required
3 (Stone Wall ) 20 Stone Brick 15 Oak Plank
4 (Metal Wall ) 20 Steel Plate 15 Aluminium Plate


How do you move walls in the last day on Earth?

To destroy parts of your base in Last Day on Earth, have the wall or floor piece on your screen that you want to remove. Hit the construction icon which can be found underneath the minimap. It looks like a hammer and saw. You will enter construction mode, where you can place down furniture or new walls and floors.

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