How do you open zombie crates?

If you land here, find some weapons and kill them. If you have arrived, do the same but kill them with whatever weapon you already have. The zombies themselves will drop weapons and items also. When they are all dead, the box will open up with that wicked child laughter that it has in Zombies mode in Call Of Duty.

How do you get supply crates in WW2?

There’s a number of ways you can get Supply Drops in Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer. First, you earn them just by playing the game. There’s nothing in particular that triggers these drops, but you can earn about four an hour if you keep playing. You can earn rare Supply Drops by completing Contracts.

Where is mystery box in WW2 zombies?

The mystery box will be located in the main part of the Command Room, immediately on the left as players enter, right next to stairs that lead up to the Tesla Gun weapon assembly station.

How do I find my collections in WW2?

You have to go to the Quartermaster, view collections and actually open the completed collection and click on the collection reward ( which will be showing as locked ). Goes for all collections that you complete without getting the reward item in a drop.

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What is a rare zombie supply drop?

In rare supply drops you get 3 items, one being a guaranteed rare or higher. In the zombes rare crate you get 2 regular items and 3 zombie related items, one of which is guaranteed rare or higher. Replicant ニーア

Where are the zombie crates?

Zombie Crates located in the Zombie menu store also give you two random items, but will also come with a pack of three Fate and Fortune Cards. Both Supply Crates and Zombie Crates can purchase using either Keys or COD Points.

How are supply drops earned WW2?

The most common type of Supply Drops in Multiplayer and Nazi Zombies are earned by playing the game online. In Multiplayer, you can also earn Supply Drops for completing Orders and Contracts where a Supply Drop is listed as a reward.

What are supply drops in Call of Duty?

Everything you need to know about Advanced Supply Drops for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Advanced Supply Drops are unique Supply Drops earned through gameplay and purchasable through stores, allowing players to bolster their Armory and customize their Operator even further with three random loot items.

What’s the best gun in ww2 zombies?

The SVT-40 is especially useful after players upgrade it at the Pack-A-Punch station. Doing so turns the SVT-40 into the AVT-40, which retains the damage capabilities of the SVT-40 and combines it with the speed of an automatic weapon, resulting in one of the most powerful guns in Nazi Zombies.

How do you unlock pack a punch in ww2?

It costs 5000 Jolts to upgrade a weapon and 4000 Jolts to purchase ammo. First off, you’ll need to activate the power in the Sewers and open the Bunker to access the Control Command Room. After you’ve done that and activated both power switches in the Morgue and Laboratory, you’ll be able to unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

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