How can SCP-049 be prevented?

To escape him, it is advised that the player sprints away and closes all doors behind the player in order to slow him down until a door requiring a keycard is shut between the player and SCP – 049.

What SCP turns people into zombies?

SCP -008, the ” Zombie Plague”, is a bio-hazardous SCP object found in SCP – Containment Breach.

How did the Scps escape?

During this testing routine, the site’s power and door control systems begin to malfunction, allowing SCP -173 to kill the other two test subjects and escape into the ventilation system while, by player control, D-9341 escapes the containment chamber.

How do you escape the facility in SCP Containment Breach?

If the player has not contained SCP -106, it will emerge from inside near the catwalk. SCP -106 will ignore the player and start to advance outside, escaping the facility via a bridge. Once emerged, Security Chief Franklin will announce SCP -106’s appearance over the intercom and order it to be contained.

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How does SCP-096 kill you?

SCP – 096 is extremely fast and cannot be deterred by doors or elevators, regardless of whether or not they are locked, as it will rip them open to catch up to the player. Once it catches the player, it’ll tear apart their limbs and devour them. Death is unavoidable once SCP – 096 is triggered.

How does SCP-049 kill you?

Behavior and Procedure. SCP – 049’s touch is extremely lethal to humans, killing those that come into contact with it within minutes. SCP – 049 then produces out of his body a black bag filled with medical and surgical tools, then begins surgery on the victim, inserting several unknown chemicals into the corpse.

What is scp000?

Description: SCP – 000 is a full-color, 200-page catalogue printed on gloss paper. Front page reads “THE OFFICIAL SCP SALES CATALOGUE” in large red letters on the front, with a yellow star reading “Hundreds of bargains!” in the lower right-hand corner.

What SCP is siren head?

SCP -6789 is Siren Head.

Is there a zombie SCP?

SCP -008, or the ” Zombie Plague”, is a bio-hazardous SCP object found in SCP – Containment Breach.

Is slender an SCP?

Technically, no, Slenderman is not an SCP. However, he could become a manifestation of SCP -582, which is a self-propagating meme that can take the form of fictional entities that are written about (such as in a creepypasta), then alter reality so that deeds attributed to that entity actually happen.

What SCP is D 9341?

Benjamin Oliver Walker, otherwise known as D – 9341, is the main protagonist of SCP: Containment Breach, a video game adaptation of the SCP Foundation.

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What if all SCPs escaped?

First of all: SCP -370 breaching containment in the internet age would basically cause an immediate death of the human race. Secondly, SCP -2317 would probably cause the entire planet to be destroyed. Third, in about six days the entire universe would get clogged with instances of SCP -871. And finally due to I.H.

Can you beat SCP?

2) Keep a look out for 106/173 for they can spawn ANYWHERE. 4) While using SCP -914, you are an open target to SCP -106, so move around a lot and if he does come, be prepared. 5) After using SCP -914 to pimp up your items, carry on to the Light Containment Zone.

What does SCP 001 do?

Description: SCP – 001 is a sapient entity or entities capable of initiating and exerting control over anomalous phenomena on Earth and in all regions of space observable thus far by modern scientific methods. The presence of an agent causing this phenomena was confirmed in 1953.

Is SCP 650 dangerous?

However, it should be noted that SCP – 650 has not yet shown any signs of active aggression or hostility. Based on trial responses that varied the amount of time between breaking and re-establishing line-of-sight, its purpose does not seem to be to attack but merely to startle.

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