What can you build in buried?

Trample Steam, Turbine, Head Chopper and Subsurface Resonator, this are all build -ables on this map ( COD BO2 Buried Buildables ). Turbine and Subsurface Resonator are commonly use on the main easter egg both sides ( Richtofen and Maxis ).

What does the bank do in buried?

In TranZit and Buried, the player can share (and withdraw) money from his account with other players. This will activate a prompt which allows players to take away 1100 points from their Bank account and spawn a Bonus Points power-up worth 1000 points, or add the 1000 points to the power-up if it has already spawned.

How many perks can you get on town bo2?

How to get all 6 perks in town survival. Firstly get tombstone soda and have 3 other perks which is the max limit and have enough money for the perks you want.

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